A budding group of mobile app creators from Clear Creek Middle School recently won a statewide digital innovation challenge with their relocation app idea WY_HOME_ING. 

Krista Sweckard splits her time teaching technology in Buffalo High School and Meadowlark Elementary School. Recently, Sweckard was recently named Educator of the Year in the K-12 Digital Learning Awards by the Wyoming Department of Education. 

The sky over the Clear Creek Middle School was full on Oct. 28 with two different forms of aircraft. As part of a multipart curriculum for the eighth grade class, students helped to launch a weather balloon off of the football field. The balloon combines uses GPS imagery to help predict and …

It is telling perhaps that Buffalo High School junior Sydney Hall describes her latest drawing as being “a little bit like an eye.”

Despite losing seven seniors to graduation last year, the Buffalo High School boys basketball team will remain chock-full of experience this season — with another seven seniors on the roster. 

It was warm sun and bright blue skies this year at the fifth annual youth pheasant hunt hosted at the Bud Love Wildlife Habitat Management Area. In celebration of the warm weather, attendees of last year's event took their turns recalling the snow and bitter cold as they raked through the gr…

Swim lessons at the YMCA picked up as young swimmers return to the water. The kids spread out in small groups around the pool to practice skills, positions and strokes before celebrating the end of practice with a few trips off the diving board. 

Buffalo’s Special Olympians competed in the Virtual State Bowling Tournament on Nov. 13, with several athletes bringing home medals.