Wyoming wool goes to Washington

Bulletin photo by Floyd Whiting

Karen Hostetler and Mountain Meadow Wool will represent Wyoming during the 2018 Made in America Showcase that will take place at the White House July 23. 

Wool and wool products from Mountain Meadow Wool will soon be in the White House representing Wyoming at the Made in America Product Showcase, hosted by President Donald Trump.

When Karen Hostetler answered her phone, she said, she didn’t believe the caller on the other end of the line.

“Last week, we were called by the White House,” Hostetler said. “And we were selected to represent Wyoming.”

Hostetler did her research and looked up the showcase online.

“I wasn’t sure it was a legitimate phone call,” Hostetler said. “That doesn’t happen on a normal basis. I thought it was somebody who wanted to know what time tours were.”

The Made in America Product Showcase selects one company from each of the 50 states that manufactures 100 percent of its products in the U.S.

The showcase displays products from those companies for the president to see and sample. Last year, a fire truck parked on the White House lawn was brought from Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin.

Aviat Aircraft, a model aircraft manufacturer from Afton, represented Wyoming last year during the first showcase.

“It’s just for a day,” Hostetler said. “It’s next week on Monday, July 23.”

Hostetler will set up her display from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the White House. The president and his staff will then look at each display and meet with the producers.

Hostetler says she feels honored to represent Wyoming.

Hostetler’s first move was to purchase tickets and hotel accommodations, and then she began to focus on what she would like to take with her that would represent not only Mountain Meadow Wool but also the wool entire industry and Wyoming.

“We have a single table. So we are trying to focus mostly on making sure it looks like Wyoming,” Hostetler said. “Because we buy wool directly from American producers, we are going to take some raw wool.”

Hostetler said she plans to take other products, such as a sweater and hats.

She also has plans to include a little patriotic flare for the showcase.

“We are going to create an American flag with yarn,” Hostetler said. “That’ll be our backdrop. We’re working in a little bit of a mad rush, making sure we have bins, scarves and brochures, those kind of things. It will look awesome.”

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