Johnsons to host Longmire Days

Fans clamor for sightings of their favorite “Longmire” stars during Longmire Days this summer. The 2020 event will be managed by Craig and Judy Johnson.

For seven years, the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce organized and hosted Longmire Days.

That will all change in 2020. Longmire author Craig Johnson and his wife, Judy, will organize and execute the four-day event privately.

Jennifer McCormick is the former director of marketing and programs for the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce. She helped organize and execute Longmire Days for five years and will assist the Johnsons in planning for the 2020 event.

“It has gotten so big; it really needs its own staff,” McCormick said. “The chamber is just so busy with all the other things that they do. They do a lot in the community, and they do a lot for local businesses. It (Longmire Days) just needs its own foundation and its own staff, and I’ll be helping Craig and Judy with that.”

According to McCormick, she has become acquainted with many people over the years who are willing to volunteer their time and skills to keep the event running smoothly. The event will be operated by a local and out-of-state volunteer staff of approximately 200 to 250 people, McCormick said.

“Because we want the most amount of money to go to charity as possible,” McCormick said. “They’ll be local people. We have a good local volunteer staff built already with this event, and we also have people that come in from out of state.”

Longmire Days brings approximately 10,000 fans to Buffalo and Johnson County and they spend about $2 million each year. That provides Buffalo businesses with a major financial boost, with some reporting up to 300% increases in business, according to McCormick.  

McCormick said details, including dates and events, will be forthcoming.

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