Two more residents of a Washakie County long-term care facility have died as a result of the coronavirus, the Department of Health announced Friday.

The department said the two adult women were the sixth residents of the facility to die since an outbreak was detected at the facility. It added both had pre-existing health conditions that made them more susceptible to the coronavirus.

The news came as the Department of Health announced that 21 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Wyoming on Friday, which was the 100th day of the state’s experience with the virus.

The first case of coronavirus was reported in Wyoming on March 12.

The department, in its daily coronavirus update, said new cases were reported in six counties: Fremont, Laramie, Natrona, Sweetwater, Teton and Uinta.

As of Friday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases seen since the illness was first detected in the state was at 291 in Fremont County; 132 in Laramie County; 103 in Uinta County; 80 in Natrona County; 78 in Teton County; 40 in Sweetwater; 34 in Washakie; 33 in Campbell; 26 in Albany; 15 in Johnson and Sheridan; 14 in Converse; 13 in Carbon; 11 in Lincoln; nine in Big Horn, Hot Springs and Park; six in Crook, four in Goshen and two in Sublette. Niobrara, Platte and Weston counties each reported one case.

The number of recoveries seen since the pandemic began also went up on Friday, by 19 to total 889. The number includes 693 recoveries among those with confirmed cases of the illness and 196 among those with probable cases.

A probable case is defined as one where the patient has not been tested for coronavirus, but has shown symptoms of the disease and has been in contact with someone with a confirmed cases. As of Friday, 246 probable cases have surfaced in Wyoming.

The numbers add to the total of active cases in the state, which stood at 266, including 216 patients with confirmed cases and 50 with probable cases.

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