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Bulletin photo by Jessi Dodge Fetterman Rd. is under construction and blocked off for a few blocks length during and beginning the week of June 22. These images were taken on Thursday, June 25, 2020.

The 1% special-use tax that is funding street improvements in Buffalo has raised more than half of the funds requested.

Since April 2019, $4.3 million has been raised, according to Buffalo City Clerk/Treasurer Julie Silbernagel. The tax will be in place until $7.1 million is raised, at which time the tax will automatically expire and Johnson County will return to a 5% sales tax, unless another special-use tax is approved by voters.

County Treasurer Carla Bishop had previously told the Bulletin that she expected the tax to continue for about five years, but pre-pandemic tax revenue exceeded expectations.

Now, Silbernagel said she anticipates the full amount will be raised by December 2022 — one year earlier than anticipated. 

In 2018, 57% of voters approved the sixth-penny tax, which was earmarked to fund the reconstruction of Flatiron Drive, costing $2.32 million, as well as the reconstruction and installation of 550 feet of water lines, 1,600 feet of storm drain and numerous manholes on West Fetterman Street — from Burritt Avenue to Fort Street — and on Burritt Avenue — from Angus Street to Fort Street.

Brent Bennett, vice president at Nelson Engineering, told city council members at their July 6 meeting that work on the Fetterman and Burritt projects was nearly complete and that work on the Flatiron project was just beginning.

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