DOUGLAS (WNE) — A Douglas woman is being charged with attacking two Douglas police officers after they asked her to get dressed and leave the premises during an incident that began in basement of the LaBonte Bar earlier this month. 

According to court documents, Kirbie Cooper allegedly attacked the officers as they tried to get her to put on clothes and leave. She now faces a single felony of attempting to cause bodily injury which, if convicted, is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. 

On March 6 at approximately 2 a.m., Douglas police officers Anthony Boonstra and Rudy Toman went to the LaBonte Hotel where Cooper and a man only identified in court documents as F. Munsinger were in the basement, “where they were not supposed to be,” Boonstra’s statement reads. 

“When officers arrived, they made contact with Cooper and Munsinger . . . Officers saw Cooper was not wearing any clothes and (she) ran further into the basement from officers when confronted. Officer Boonstra asked (Cooper) to put her clothes on and Cooper allegedly became aggressive toward them,” according to the statement.

According to police reports, Cooper shoved and kicked the officers until they could place her in handcuffs.

As Toman and Boonstra carried the woman to their police car, she began to resist again, kicking the officers. She was subdued with a taser and placed in the car.

“Once at the Converse County jail Cooper refused to get out of the patrol car and had to be carried into booking, where she was booked,” Boonstra stated in the affidavit.


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