SHERIDAN (WNE) — A hunter missing in the Bighorn National Forest has been found, according to Big Horn County Sheriff's Office officials. 

The incident illustrates the need for hunters and recreationists in the Bighorn National Forest to make a plan and not travel alone. 

Christopher Neal Cox was reported missing in early September. He was known to be hunting alone in Elk Area 41 in the Bighorn National Forest and was supposed to be setting up base camp near Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area or Forest Service Road 17. Rescue crews were unable to locate him in that area. 

Sheridan, Johnson and Park counties and the Wyoming Army National Guard all assisted in the search. 

“Thanks to the Facebook community, Cox’s camp was located quickly,” the sheriff’s office posted on its Facebook page Sept. 18. “Additional assets were deployed and Cox was located safe and his family has been notified.”

Sheriff Ken Blackburn said the incident, which ended with the discovery of Cox safe and well, shows others a plan should be established with family or friends before heading into an area with no cellphone reception.

“It really brought out the need for people to let someone know where they’re going to be at, and not go alone,” Blackburn told The Sheridan Press.  

He also acknowledged the help of the Wyoming Army National Guard in finding Cox. 

“They flew a Blackhawk helicopter up and assisted us,” he said. “The Army Guard has been extremely supportive of Big Horn, Sheridan Johnson and Washakie counties.”

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