SHERIDAN (WNE) — The future of Arvada School is still unclear, as Sheridan County School District 3 Board of Trustees discussed options in light of statewide school recalibration conversations.

While all school districts in Wyoming are faced with an ask from Gov. Mark Gordon to cut 10% of budgets, SCSD3’s Arvada Elementary School, which up until this year had students in the classroom, sits unused. The family whose children would have attended that school opted to homeschool this year.

Now, with the discussion of mothballing the school potentially reaching the Wyoming Legislature Select Committee on School Facilities agenda, Superintendent Charles Auzqui said he will need the board’s discretion on future community meetings.

He mentioned needing to hold a couple of community meetings, with one board member mentioning there should be one in Arvada and another in Clearmont to hear community input.

By mothballing Arvada Elementary, the district still receives a portion of state funding to maintain the building, which only lasts for three years. Auzqui said he’s heard of schools mothballing for six years, too.

Since the realization of no students at Arvada, staff there has been absorbed into the Arvada-Clearmont kindergarten through 12th grade school, and some equipment has been utilized in Clearmont from Arvada to avoid additional purchases by SCSD3.

Auzqui said the purpose of mothballing allows time for the board, administration and community to determine whether a resurgence of students will allow for a reopening of the school. The return number of students must also be determined with board input.

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