GILLETTE (WNE) — No one was hurt Thursday afternoon when a kettle corn trailer parked in the lot between Creative Beverages and EZ Too Auto Wash exploded.

Witnesses reported hearing and feeling the blast from more than a mile away. One witness said she saw gray smoke coming from the area as she was leaving Albertsons, about a half-mile from the explosion.

The owner of the kettle corn trailer, Preston Gulley, said he was not present at the time of the incident and did not know what happened.

“The car wash called me, said ‘Your trailer just blew up,’” Gulley said.

Gulley also owns a snow cone business called Gulleys Snow 2 Go, which was parked right next to the kettle corn trailer during the incident.

Randy Bath heard the explosion while at his home near St. Mathew's Catholic Church, more than a mile away. In the moment, he did not know what the sound was. He rents the lots to Gulley and found out soon after the blast happened where it came from.

“I just thought I better find out what’s going on,” he said from the scene of the explosion.

There was very little fire when firefighters arrived at the scene of the explosion and the cause is still under investigation, said Fire Marshal Eric Acton while assessing the damage Thursday.

Reyna Phillips was leaving Albertsons when she “heard it before she felt it.”

She said there was gray smoke coming from the area in the moments after the blast.

“I’ve never felt anything like that,” she said.


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