In town lights locations

What a year 2020 has been! If you are like us, some holiday cheer is in order and what better cheer than touring a spectacular display of Christmas lights around town! We want to highlight decorated homes so members of the community can drive by to enjoy the exterior decorations.

The Buffalo Bulletin has compiled (and will update) a map of lit up houses ready for your viewing pleasure. And thank you to Manuel Rodriguez for creating a handy digital map. There are some out-of-town lights worth seeing – so maybe a great weekend to take a drive in the country.

If you would like to include your house in the Bright Buffalo Nights viewing for the 2020 season, please complete this form

  1. 710 Fullterton Avenue, Dawn and Jeff Hicks
  2. 303 Hilltop Road

  3. 608 Circle Drive, Bob, Lynette and Lyvee Fox

  4. 970 W. Fetterman St.

  5. 1002 Erie Drive, Danny and Chasta Myers

  6. 700 Klondike Drive

  7. 533 North Burritt Avenue, Damone Family

  8. 462 Western Avenue

  9. 518 North Adams Avenue, Penny Caldwell

  10. 212 South Main Street

  11. 35 Reno Road

  12. 1103 Fullerton Avenue, Aimee Shreve

  13. 520 N. DeSmet
  14. 526 N. DeSmet
  15. 236 S Tisdale Ave
  16. 568 N Burritt, Dick and Casey Branaman

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