CASPER (WNE) — Wyoming will receive over $1 billion in state aid soon, thanks to the latest stimulus package signed into law Thursday by President Joe Biden. 

The federal government passed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package along party lines this week, the third economic economic recovery act to pass Congress since the pandemic began last year. 

Wyoming will soon see hefty returns under the sweeping act. In addition to the approximately $1 billion in state aid, the federal government will funnel an additional $174 million directly to local municipalities in Wyoming, according to Renny MacKay, senior policy adviser to Gov. Mark Gordon. About $109 million will also be available in the form of grants for capital projects in the Equality State. 

It will take about 60 days before the state receives the money. The U.S. Treasury Department still needs to issue guidance to the governor too. 

This latest round of federal funding comes with a bit more flexibility, at least compared to past relief packages. For one, Wyoming will have more time to spend the approximately $1.36 billion. It has until the end of 2024, according to MacKay. The aid is also not restricted to only pandemic-related needs. 

The governor’s office hopes to be strategic with how the state spends its money. 

“We’re definitely putting a lot of effort into looking at both the short term and the long term to find out what opportunities exist with this money to find out how to have as significant an impact as possible,” MacKay said.

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