The Johnson County commissioners renewed three longstanding agreements with state and county agencies during their July 15 meeting.

The first contract was a cooperative agreement for child support collection between the Wyoming Department of Family Services and the Johnson County clerk of district court.

Under the agreement, the clerk’s office will enter all child support orders into the statewide child support computer system, provide customer service to any parent involved in a child support case, collect payments of district court filing fees and provide up-to-date reporting of child support data to the district court, among other responsibilities.

Meanwhile, the Department of Family Services agrees to maintain the computer hardware for the statewide system, respond to concerns and provide training and system upgrades as needed.

The contract will be in effect through June 30, 2020.

The commission also approved the renewal of a contract between the Wyoming Department of Health and Johnson County for public health services in the county.

Under the agreement, the Department of Health agrees to pay $9,600 a year to Johnson County to Dr. Mark Schueler, the county health officer. In return for the salary, Schueler agrees to provide various services, including support and expertise to the DOH’s emergency planners, serving as a county liaison during public health emergencies, participating in scheduled meetings with the state health officer and attending meetings of the local emergency planning committee, among other duties.

Lastly, the commissioners voted to renew a memorandum of understanding with the Johnson County Fire District and the Powder River Fire District. The MOU, which will run through June 30, 2022, describes the terms and conditions by which the fire districts will request aid and assistance from Johnson County Road and Bridge in responding to fire suppression needs.

Under the agreement, the county fire warden will act as a liaison between the fire districts and Road and Bridge in situations where additional fire suppression help is needed.

When needed, Road and Bridge will provide two pieces of equipment and two operators for the first 24 hours of an incident, including standby. The fire districts will reimburse Road and Bridge for equipment hours, operator overtime hours, fuel usage and vehicle maintenance directly related to the incident.

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