The Bull Creek Ranch, located just southwest of Buffalo, is one of the largest private holdings on the Bighorn Front, and it is now available — for a substantial price. The colossal piece of Johnson County real estate is listed at a whopping $14 million. The owners, the Smith and Dow trusts, are selling the property that has been in the same families for nearly a hundred years. 

If you drive south on Klondike Road for a few minutes, you will find yourself next to the Bull Creek Ranch. The ranch is an astonishing 8,713 acres. Of that, the ranch is split into 7,651 deeded acres and 1,061 leased acres. The sprawling ranch includes hunting ground, numerous water features and vast grazing lands. 

The property is listed with Hall and Hall, a firm that specializes in rural real estate dealings. Mike Fraley is the broker for the property. Fraley, a Buffalo native, was raised on a cattle ranch south of Buffalo. Fraley believes the property’s allure lies in the fact that it’s been untouched for decades.  

“It’s just unencumbered. There are no buildings or conservation easements or anything like that,” he said. “It’s just totally wild land, just like it was 100 years ago.”

Its location adjacent to the Bighorn Mountains provides the ranch with incredible hunting. The ranch’s brochure boasts some of the best hunting in the area. Its vast diversity of landscape provides habitats for a variety of wildlife. The elk hunting is exceptional, Fraley said. Anywhere from 100 to 1,000 elk can be found during hunting season. 

Traditionally, the ranch has been leased to local ranchers for grazing their livestock. And throughout the years, the ranch’s owners have made a conscious effort to prevent the land from being overgrazed. 

“They have a tremendous grazing allotment. They run probably 250 to 300 mother cows from mid-May to early fall,” Fraley said. 

Helping maintain the lush areas on the ranch are the abundant water sources. Three sizable creeks – Clear Creek, Kelly Creek and Bull Creek – run through the property. Also running through the ranch is a pipeline watering system. The pipeline is fed by a 20,000-gallon tank of accumulated spring water. The water is then gravity fed into the pipeline. 

Currently, annual taxes for the ranch are estimated at approximately $2,000, Fraley said.

Listing every detail of the Bull Creek Ranch would be impossible, but Fraley thinks the main draw of the property is the number of hidden areas to be found, as well as the ranch’s closeness to Buffalo.  

“It’s very private but with close proximity to Buffalo,” he said. “There are just so many hidden honey holes and sanctuaries as you get back toward the face of the mountain.”


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