POWELL (WNE) — A Colorado man is in custody after he allegedly walked out of the Cody Walmart with a backpack full of stolen iPhones. 

Noah J. Douglass-Wiley, a 24-year-old Colorado Springs resident, has been charged with a felony count of theft. The charging documents do not say how many cellphones Douglass-Wiley is alleged to have stolen, but Walmart managers told police that a total of 41 iPhones — valued at $32,650 — went missing from the store on Oct. 9 and 10. 

In an affidavit filed in support of the charge, Cody Police Officer Scott Burlingame says Walmart’s surveillance cameras captured Douglass-Wiley stealing a number of phones on the night of Oct. 9. 

The suspect reportedly returned to the store on Oct. 10, but Burlingame had not reviewed that footage before the charge was filed last week. 

Walmart managers provided a description of the suspect and his vehicle that ultimately matched up with Douglass-Wiley and the Toyota Camry he was driving. 

Cody police apprehended Douglass-Wiley after he returned to Walmart on the night of Oct. 13 and was recognized by store employees. 

Not long after Douglass-Wiley’s arrest, the owner of the Camry reported the vehicle lost or stolen, saying Wiley had permission to take the car but hadn’t returned it. 

Officers obtained a warrant to search Wiley’s room at the Cody Airbnb where he, the owner of the Camry and two others were staying. While police found clothing that matched those seen in Walmart’s surveillance camera footage, they uncovered no signs of stolen cellphones or the gray backpack Wiley allegedly wore. 

A preliminary hearing in the case will decide whether there’s enough evidence for the case to move toward a trial.

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