CHEYENNE (WNE) — AARP’s COVID-19 Nursing Home Dashboard is showing some promising trends in numbers of Wyoming nursing home residents and staff cases of COVID-19, as well as nursing home resident deaths due to COVID-19.

However, these numbers are still far higher than levels of infection seen during the summer and early fall, according to a news release.

AARP’s dashboard indicates 29% of Wyoming nursing homes reported COVID-19 cases for the four-week period ending Jan. 17, down from 50% of nursing homes that reported COVID-19 cases during the four-week period ending Dec. 20.

While 73% of nursing homes reported at least one staff member with COVID-19, that number was down from 96.9% in December’s snapshot. Those numbers reflected a large improvement in the numbers of nursing homes with a staff shortage, from 53% in December to just 29.4% of facilities reporting shortages in the four-week period ending Jan. 17.

The nursing home resident death rate also dropped in Wyoming, from December’s 2.75 deaths per 100 residents to 2.22 deaths per 100 residents. Some 41 nursing home residents died of COVID-19 from Dec. 21 to Jan. 17, which was down from 48 over the previous four-weeks.

“It is encouraging to see our numbers of nursing home deaths and infection rates dropping,” says AARP Wyoming State Director Sam Shumway. “But, these numbers are still far higher than they were this summer or fall.”

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