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Sadie Bosley enjoys the water at the Buffalo community pool in this file photo. The pool is schedule to open June 20. 

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While plans could change due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, the Buffalo city pool is still on track for a June 20 opening, pool board member Kris Thiele said.

“Dr. (Mark) Schueler attended our last meeting and said that, as of now, we should be able to open based on current public health recommendations,” Thiele said. “Of course, we never know when or if another outbreak will happen, but right now we’re planning for the pool season to proceed according to plan.”

There will be some operational changes to ensure public safety, Thiele said.

“We will have guards stationed at the gate to disinfect hands as people come in, and we’re working on getting a thermometer so we can check their temperature as well,” Thiele said. “If anybody shows any signs of being sick, they will not be admitted to the pool.”

The pool staff will also clean and disinfect locker rooms and handrails multiple times a day, Thiele said. Visitors to the pool are asked to practice social distancing measures.

Typical health and safety restrictions are largely unchanged from previous years, Thiele said. Outside food will be allowed in the pool area, but pool officials ask that no glass items, alcohol, barbecues or other food prep cookers be taken into the pool area. Dogs are not allowed in the pool area, and smoking is not permitted.

Due to the demands placed on lifeguards, officials ask that parents monitor their children closely at all times, Thiele said.

The pool will be managed this summer by Kyera Vasco with the aid of veteran pool manager Marcie Leis, Thiele said. The concession stand will be open, although there may be slight changes to the menu due to the coronavirus health restrictions, Thiele said.

The pool will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily during June, July and August, weather permitting.

“We are excited to make the pool accessible to the public again this year,” Thiele said. “In my book, June 20 can’t get here fast enough.”

Stephen Dow covers a variety of beats for the Buffalo Bulletin including the Johnson County Commissioners and JCSD #1. Stephen is a Billings native who joined the Bulletin in 2016.

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