Buffalo City Hall closes lobby

Buffalo City Hall has closed its lobby but will continue business as usual. The city is requesting residents pay utility bills by calling, using the drop-box or paying online. 

With the exception of Buffalo City Hall closing the lobby, it’s business as usual for the city of Buffalo as residents social distance to prevent the spread of COVID–19.

As children take lessons online and parents search for ways to pass the time at home, Buffalo city employees will continue to ensure that the garbage is picked up, city business is conducted and the streets are safe, Mayor Shane Schrader said.  

 “The only difference as of this time, City Hall is closed to appointment only,” Schrader said Wednesday.

Schrader said residents are asked to not deliver their bill payments to city hall. Instead, residents can call city hall and pay their bills over the phone or set up an automatic pay through their bank.

Buffalo offers the use of Xpress bill pay, an app used by city governments that allows residents to pay their utility bills, found at www.xpressbillpay.com/#/.

Appointments can be made with Toby Rhoades by calling city hall for the issuing of building permits and applications.

The city is requesting that calls to the Public Works Department be limited to emergencies only involving safety situations such as broken and sewer lines, severe road damage or downed power lines.

Buffalo’s sewer treatment plant is asking residents to be mindful of what they flush down their toilets, as the system is not designed to handle paper towels or articles of clothing.

Buffalo Municipal Court is asking residents to contact the court if their presence is requested at a particular date. According to a press release from the city, the judge may decide to make alternative arrangements. Contact with the court must be made prior to the scheduled court date.

Following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the city requests limiting the attendance of City Council, committee and board meetings to essential personnel.

To protect both the officers and the public, the Buffalo Police Department has taken precautions by wearing gloves and maintaining a reasonable distance when engaging with the public, Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder said. Officers will also notify an ambulance should an individual showing flu-like symptoms require one, Carder said. 

“We’re making sure staff are healthy here and healthy at home,” Carder said. “We are here, continuing to serve and protect the community in these challenging times.”

Schrader is asking Buffalo residents to follow CDC advice and to utilize Johnson County’s website at http://www.johnsoncountywyoming.org/covid-19/ to stay informed on the precautions and best practices.

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