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Bulletin photo by Floyd Whiting

Rowen Ruby leads his steer around the sale arena during the 2019 Johnson County Junior Livestock Sale. The average selling price for beef this year was $3,547. Ruby sold his 1290-pound steer for $4,800. The sale set new records, bringing in $427,469 with the sale of 162 animals.

A show arena full of buyers made Saturday night’s Junior Livestock Sale one for the record books, garnering $427,469 for local 4-H and FFA youth.

“Things went very, very well,” said Kassie Camino, a member of the Junior Livestock Sale committee. “It always impresses me how a little community can come to town and support the kids.”

The auction raised $345,700 and add-ons generated an additional $81,769 for the 162 animals sold that evening. The 2018 sale generated $407,918 from the sale of 175 animals.

“Prices were great – there was a lot of great community support,” said Kirby Camino, also a livestock auction committee member. Camino added that average price for each species – save goats and chickens – was up over 2018 prices, with lamb prices up sharply.

Lamb sales were exceptionally strong, with 67 animals selling for an average price of $1,591 – up from an average of $1,237 in 2018.

Thirty-four beef sold at an average price of $3,547 – a slight increase over 2018’s average price of $3,532 per animal.

The 51 swine in the sale sold at an average price of $2,622 – up from 2018’s average price of $2,535 per animal.

Record-breaking 3

Goat prices dipped a bit from 2018 levels. The three goats sold fetched an average of $517 compared to the average price of $525 per animal in 2018.

Poultry also dipped slightly. Seven chickens sold at an average price of $525. In 2018, chickens averaged $643 per bird.

Kirby Camino said that this was the second year that the committee began the auction at 6 p.m. Previously the auction began at 7 p.m. He said moving the start time earlier in the evening meant that there were more buyers left in the stands at the end of the sale.

Record-breaking 2

Johnson County showed amazing support for the 4-H and FFA youths with the Junior Livestock Sale bringing in a total of $427,469, selling a total of 167 animals. Lambs sold well this year as 67 lambs were sold with an average price of $1,591.

“It’s a late night, and moving it up an hour made it a little less late,” said Camino. “It dang sure makes a difference – we see more buyers in the stands at the end of the sale, and that helps the sellers.

“Things went very well. Prices were great – there was a lot of great community support.”

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