The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was brought to order by Chairman, William J Novotny, III at 9:00am on Tuesday September 7, 2021. Attending were Commissioners Linda Greenough and Robert Perry, Commissioner’s Assistant Ashlea Bassett, Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago, County Attorney Tucker Ruby, Assessor Deb Robinson and County Clerk Vicki Edelman. 

Perry moved to approve the minutes of the August 17, 2021 regular meeting.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to approve the One Day Catering Permit to Taylor’s Invasion Bar for the Ballek/McTaggert Wedding Reception on September 18, 2021 at the JC Fairgrounds. Perry seconded; motion carried. 

County Attorney Tucker Ruby met with the Commissioners to discuss the Rules & Regulations for Body Art.  County Health Officer, Dr Schueler has asked for regulations to be drafted to establish the safe and sanitary practice of body art.  The Commissioners will review the document and these regulations will be placed back on the agenda for the next regular meeting.

After discussion with Commissioner Perry and Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago, Perry moved to send notice to all t-hangar leasees letting them know their current lease agreements will terminate December 31, 2021; and new lease agreements will be sent out with an effective date of January 1, 2022 and a 3% increase in the lease for the 2022 year and an additional 2% increase for the 2023 year.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.  The County Attorney’s office will be contacting all leasees with a letter and new lease agreement.

Greenough moved to approve the Tax Reduction #3095 for Sofia C Larocca for the 2021 tax year in the amount of $10,684.05.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Perry moved to approve the Tax Cancellation #3095 for Cody & Ellen Koch for the 2020 tax year in the amount of $128.39.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to approve the WYDOT Acceptance Certificate for the Hazelton Road Project.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the TANF Contract between Wy Dept of Family Services and Johnson County Commissioners in the amount of $52,000.00 beginning October 1, 2021 thru September 30, 2022.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Perry moved to approve the August vouchers in the amount of $882,054.19.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

Lois Huson, Johnson County resident met with the Commissioners to discuss her concerns regarding an employee.

Greenough moved to go into Executive Session regarding litigation at 10:12am.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

The following vouchers were paid:

Total Wages,Health Ins benefits,deductions-632,708.92;AARMS-Guide195.00;Ace Hardware-Suply 1,543.35;Shirley Arno-Election115.00;AT&T Mobility-Cell phones479.36;Axis Forensic Toxicology Lab fee490.00;Alberta Baehler-Election115.00;Bald Mtn Sanitation-Labor1,036.00;Barcodes,LLC-Suply164.30; Bob Barker Co-Suply156.00;Bruce M Bartley-Election115.00; Theresa Bartley-Election115.00;Cheryl Benner-Election170.00;Thomas Bennett-Labor3,985.32;Nance Berglund-Election140.00;Big Horn Coop-Fuel,suplys 1,016.71;Big Horn Coop Marketing-Cardtrol-12,275.00;Big Horn Surveying & Engineering-Contract5,399.25;Big Horn Tire-Labor,tires2,269.93;Black Hills Chemical-Suply627.11;Suzi Black-Election145.00;Blacktooth Excursions-Mentoring prgm600.00;Charlie Bradshaw-Election131.80;Shawna Braley-Reimb41.06;Donald Brewer-Election115.00;Deborah Brothers-Election 115.00; Buckingham Lumber-Suply142.10;Joan Buckingham-Election115.00;Bufalo Building Center-Suply14.38;Buffalo Bulletin-Ads3,225.00;Buffalo Computer Consulting-Equip-5,501.00;Buffalo Porta Potty-Rentals125.00; City of Buffalo-Water, CJC1,skilled nursing waterline9,808.07;Buffalo/JoCo Recycle-Recycle50,000.00; Glernda Bybee-Election115.00;C&K Equipment-Parts207.02;John Camino-Reimb324.80;Myra Camino-Election140.00;Sheila Camino-Election140.00;Capital Business Systems, Inc-Maint95.12;Brandi Carder-Reimb49.08;Joanne Carpenter-Election127.54;Dudley Case-Election115.00;Tonda Cates-Election115.00; CDW Government-Labor,suply584316;CED-Sheridan-Suply31.98;Cenex Fleet card-Fuel-1,613.29;Century Link-Telephone 2,077.92;Toni Cervenka-Election115.00;Mary Cleveland-Election100.00;Cloud Peak Accounting-Contract300.00;Coda Glass Inc-Labor460.00;Janet Cohee-Election115.11;Communication Technology-Equip1,339.00;Comtronix-Labor90.00;Carleen Cosner-Election115.00;Jodi Crago-Election 115.00;Coell-Road prjct442,452.73;CTA Technologies-Labor2,619.00;Kathlyn Day-Election15.00;Hope Dennis-Election115.00; Digeteks-Contract,suplys,labor13,627.67;DJ’s Thriftway-SuplySuply351.06; Earth & Water lawn care-Labor53.00;Jeff Eaton-Labor1,296.75;Anita Edington-Election115.00;Edison Lighting Suply & Dist-Parts552.44;Claudia Elliot-Election115.00;Nikki Ellis-Election115.00;Nancy Elm-Election 187.60;Excel Repair,LLC-Parts332.48;Family Crisis Center-ERAP reimb,1%15,212.23;Floyds Truck Center-Parts235.55;Forensic Consulting LLC-Morgue1,083.00;Linda Foss-Election115.00;Sherryl Fraker-Election176.96;Loretta Funk-Election 115.00;Vicky Gearhart-Election115.00;GeoTec Industrial-1%, equip24,159.00 Donna Gladson-Election115.00;Great Divide Fabrication-Contracts5,160.00; Great Divide Plumging-Labor389.10;Florencia Gullick-Labor135.00;Sybil Hannah-Election115.00;Barbara Hartley-Election140.00;Bill Hawley-Reimb128.80;Honnen Equip Co-Labor5,883.10;Hoof Prints of the Past-1% 5,000.00;Cynthia Hughes-Election115.00;Jake the Shredder Guy-Labor 15.00;Linda Jarrard-Election 15.00;JC Parts & Repair-Labor653.95;Johnson County Aviation-Contract reimb2,600.00;JoCo Healthcare Center-Contract, testing4,380.32;JoCo Library-O&M37,00.00;JC Sheriff-Reimb147.88;JC Weed & Pest-Labor156.33;Jo Co Reimb-Rent200.00;Jo Cty Emp Disability-Prem 500.00;JoCo Emp Health Plan-Reimb 1,752.73;JC Solid Waste-Freezer removal 25.00;Elizabeth Johnson-Election115.00;Kaycee Health forum-1%20,000.00; Town of Kaycee-Wtr,contract4,303.80;KBJ Econ Develop-Rent 900.00;Briana Keegan-Dog care200.00;Adrian Keeler-Reimb84.75;Brenda Kekich-Election 272.80;Mindy Kendall-Trning622.00;Kerns & Bunting-Attys fees25.00;Karen King-Election115.00;Ricky King-Election115.00;Robin King-Reimb 80.16; KL&A-Water prjct3,500.00;Mary Klaahsen-Election50.00;Raymond Klein-Election15.00;Penny Laird-Election140.00;Steve Laird-Election115.00;Darlene Larson-Election115.00;Dena Lund-Election 115.00;Lyle Signs Inc-Suply243.10; Michael Madden-Election115.00;Lois Madsen-Election140.00; Elizabeth Martin-Election115.00;Mastercard-Suply80.55;Teri Mcewen-Election115.00;MCI-Telephone 31.65;Bryce McKenzie-Reimb1,280.03;Dolores McMahan-Election115.00;Sheridan Memorial Hospital-Testing98.00;Michelena Auto-Parts1,174.48;Amy Miranda-Election15.00;David Moate-Election 115.00; Montana Dakota Utilities-Utilities1,350.36;Mountain Alarm-Monitoring61.05; Nelson Engineering-Contract1,932.45;NORCO-Supply1,121.66;Northern Wy Mental Health-Contract3,125.30;NWCCD-Sheridan College19,000.00;Office Shop-Maint,copies200.25;Office Shop Lease595.12;Jeanne Ott-Election 115.00; Peak Pest Solutions-Labor423.95;Laura Perry-Election115.00;Lois Petersen-Election 115.00;Pitney Bowes-Rent173.04;Pivot Data Solutions-Labor 16,641.17;Kim Pope-Labor500.00; Powder River Energy-Utilities1,230.35; Prescription Shop-Prsnr Meds 2,171.58; Preventive Health & Safety-Suply 176.00; Quadient Inc-Pstge140.09;Raco Industries-Suply133.18;Range-Telephone-5,226.46;Joyce Reculusa-Election176.60;Reed Smith,LLP-Attys fees12,607.76;RELX Inc-Law materials-150.00;Mary Rhoads-Election115.00; Rocky Mtn Equip Brokers-Labor4.19; Rocky Mountain Power-Utilities 9,329.00;RT Communications-Telephones414.93;S/D Inc-Parts382.11; Sagewood-Meals19.00;Scantling Plmb-Labor 500.00;Shane Schrader-Dep Coroner-600.00;Dr Schueler-Grant2,500.00;Servall-Suply51.12;Tynie Shaw-Election187.80Sheridan County-Rent509.25;SHI International-Support, Equip 9,066.05;Shannon Sickler-Labor500.00;Sports Lure-Cards60.00;Squeeky Kleen Car Wash-Washes126.45;St Francis Animal Shelter-Contract 300,00;St John the Baptist CWC-Meals912.00;Sun Ridge Systems-911 software19,023.00;John Thorburn-Election550.00;John Tinnin-Election115.00;Titan Rentals-Equip 635.00;Toms Tire & Repair-Labor69.84;Transunion Risk & Alternative-Data168.00;Tree Mechanics-Labor122.00;Tri County Gas-Fuel249.42;Tyler Technologies-Support177.30;US Food Service-Prsnr food,supply 9,941.98; Mary Van Auken-Election115.00;Marilyn Vercimak-Election115.00;Verizon Wireless-Cell-542.52;VISA/ Sheriff-Meals,Ldging,Labor,Maint9,517.73; VISA/ Sheriff Emp- Pstge, dogSuply629.19;VISA/ First Bank Card-Parts,supply,equip 7,470.67;VISA/Detention-Prsnr meds2,393.60;VISA/PH-Suply,meas,Pstge5,332.18; Vision Center-Prsnr care25.00;VOA-Contracts7,921.01;Wacers-Dues25.00;Wages Group-Rent,attys fees 475.00;WARM Ins-Prem501.59;Water Products Inc-Water, rent80.00;Linda Webber-Election 115.00;Mary Sue Williams-Election115.00;Mark Wilson-Reimb89.39;Wy Brand Industries-Suply15.00;Wy Dept of Health-Comp to State5,136.00;Wy Behavorial Institute-Title25-3,016.00;Wyoming Rents-Equip2,200.00; Xerox Corp-Maint379.95; Charlotte Yenney-Caretaker372.00. 

  Perry moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:55am. Greenough seconded; motion carried.                                                                                          


William J Novotny III, Chairman                

Attest: Vicki Edelman, County Clerk

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