The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was brought to order by Chairman, William J Novotny, III at 4:00pm on Tuesday August 3, 2021. Attending were Commissioners Linda Greenough and Robert Perry, Commissioner’s Assistant Ashlea Bassett, County Attorney Tucker Ruby and County Clerk Vicki Edelman. 

Perry moved to approve the minutes of the July 19, 2021 regular meeting.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to approve the One Day Catering Permit to Taylor’s Invasion Bar for the Basque Party August 15, 2021 at the JC Youth Camp and the Majerus wedding reception August 21, 2021. Perry seconded; motion carried. 

Chamber Director Meseret Tegenu met with the Commissioners to introduce Jennifer Burden Chamber President.  Jennifer presented information on the Chamber’s new strategic plan and other future plans for the organization.

Dave Huber met with the Commissioners and Scott Pehringer Road & Bridge Supervisor to discuss the petition process to add Dogwood Street (1000 ft) to the county road inventory.

After discussions on road width, county road standards and the drainage issues in Richardson Park; Chairman Novotny said he needs to work with Road & Bridge to figure out the petition process, easements, and the cost to bring the road up to county road standards, further saying they would continue the discussion.

After discussion the Extension contract was moved to the next meeting.

Greenough moved to approve the vouchers for July in the amount of $375,343.36.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Perry moved to go into Executive Session regarding litigation at 4:20pm.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

The regular meeting was back in session at 4:45. After discussion on the settlement option in the Vanguard bankruptcy matter. Greenough moved to accept the settlement offer in the amount of $230,079.95.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Perry moved to authorize Treasurer Carla Bishop and Chairman Novotny to sign the Settlement Agreement after review by the County Attorney’s office.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to lift the hiring freeze and allow the County Attorney’s office to hire.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to approve Resolution #668, a blanket resolution concerning the hiring of a special prosecutor.  Perry seconded; motion carried.     

The following vouchers were paid:

Total Wages,Health Ins benefits,deductions-632,708.92;AARMS-Guide195.00;Ace Hardware-Suply 531.30;ALSCO-Suply318.35;AT&T Mobility-Cell phones479.43;Axis Forensic Toxicology Lab fee 1,715.00;Bald Mtn Sanitation-Labor1,036.00;Bob Barker Co-Suply351.75;Thomas Bennett-Labor 950.00; Big Horn Coop-Fuel,suplys1,016.22;Big Horn Coop Marketing-Cardtrol-17,795.25; Big Horn Tire-Labor 1,259.72;Black Hills Chemical-Suply430.95;Boys & Girls Club of the Big HornsQtrly3,572.25;Kelly Buckingham-Dep Coroner400.00; Buffalo Bulletin-Ads2,231.00;Buffalo Children’s Center-Qtrly 3,992.48 Buffalo Computer Consulting-Equip-2,465.00;Bullick & Coffman-Attys fees21,868.97;Buffalo Porta Potty-Rentals125.00;City of Buffalo-Water, CJC1,319.23;C&K Equipment-Parts41.50;Capital Business Systems, Inc-Maint88.28;CED-Sheridan-Labor91.60;Cenex Fleet card-Fuel-1,257.80;Century Link-Telephone 2,052.14;Chapman Valdez & Lansing-Attys fees1,085.00;Charmtex-Suply855.72;Clear Creek Printers-Suply123.00;Compass Center for Families-Qtrly5,125.00;Digeteks-Contract,suplys,labor131,420.20; DJ’s Thriftway-Suply58.09;Eagle Summit Dental-Prsnr care310.00;ES&S-Coding material1,872.05;Elevation Improvement-Alarm monitoring,maint agree4,700.00;Experts Towing & Recovery-Labor450.00;Forensic Consulting LLC-Morgue1,083.00;Grainger-Equip118.21;Great Divide Fabrication-Labor1242.06; Greenwood Mapping-GIS maint5,400.00;Florencia Gullick-Labor225.00;David Herth-Dog care300.00; Honnen Equip Co-Labor113.74 Idemia Identity & Security-Upgrade2,934.00;Jake the Shredder Guy-Labor 15.00;JC Parts & Repair-Labor61.45;Johnson County Aviation-Contract reimb2,600.00;JC Family YMCA-Suply480.00;JC Healthcare Center-Suply,contract,prsnr care4,290.72;JC Rural Healthcare Dist-FEMA Reimb 3,431.01;JC Weed & Pest-Labor120.77;Jo Co Reimb-Rent200.00;Jo Cty Emp Disability-Prem 500.00;JoCo Emp Health Plan-Reimb1,752.73;Town of Kaycee-Wtr156.98;KBJ Econ Develop-Rent 2,700.00;Adrian Keeler-Reimb 25.19;Kerns & Bunting-Attys fees200.00;Kustom Signal-Equip2,013.00; William Laudert-Labor1,500.00; Lincoln Life Insurance-Prem447.60;Michelena Auto-Parts225.66;Montana Dakota Utilities-Utilities 1,519.26;Mountain Alarm-Monitoring122.10;NORCO-Supply932.26;Office Shop-Maint,copies25.47; Office Shop Lease594.12;Oil X-Change-Labor377.00;Peak Pest Solutions-Labor423.95; Powder River Energy-Utilities2,319.65;Prescription Shop-Prsnr Meds1,289.48;Quadient Inc-Pstge226.90; Range Telephone-5,109.83;RDO Equipment-Bits5,112.00;Reed Smith,LLP-Attys fees47,432.02;Reese & Rays-IGA-Suply1.55;RELX Inc-Law materials-150.00;Paige Rhoads-Reimb155.78;Rocky Mtn Fire Systems-Labor360.00;Rocky Mtn Info Network-Dues50.00;Rocky Mountain Power-Utilities8,774.80;RT Communications-Telephones421.29;S&S Sanitation-Rent166.25;Dr Schueler-Grant2,400.00; Servall-Suply51.12;Sheridan County-Rent509.25;SHI International-Support, Equip1,332.40;Smith Psychological Services-Eval400.00;Squeeky Kleen Car Wash-Washes208.80;St Francis Animal Shelter-Contract 300,00; Stanley Sanitation-Labor50.00;Summit Fire Protection-Labor195.75;Survival Armor-Uniforms 785.85; Tedesko Repair-Labor1,583.18Thomson Reuters West-Law material271.96;Trackersoftware-Support 4,118.00;Transunion Risk & Alternative-Data6.60;Tree Mechanics-Labor231.03;Tyler Technologies-Annual support10,711.56;US Food Service-Prsnr food,supply7,565.22;Velocity EHS/MSDS-Maint contracts499.00;Verizon Wireless-Cell-900.54; VISA/ Sheriff- Parts253.62;VISA/Sheriff- Pstge, dog62.39;VISA/ First Bank Card Parts,supply,equip1,439.32;VOA-Contracts3,346.01;Wages Group-Rent 775.00; Water Products Inc-Water, rent88.00WYDOT Mtr Vehicle Services-Plates5.00;Wy Behavorial Institute-Title25-2,262.00;Wy Dept of Agriculture-Permit100.00;WCCA-Dues7,219.00;Wy Law Enforcement Academy-Coroner trning455.00;Wyoming Machinery-Parts703.56;Wyoming PH Lab-Testing28.00;Wyoming Rents-Equip560.00;Xerox Corp-Maint548.61;Charlotte Yenney-Caretaker312.00. 

  Perry moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:05pm. Greenough seconded; motion carried.                                                                                          


William J Novotny III, Chairman

Attest: Vicki Edelman, County Clerk

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