The Buffalo City Council met in Regular Session at City Hall on June 1, 2021. Present were Mayor Schrader, Councilman Madsen, Councilman Haskins, Councilman Hart and Councilman Camino. Mayor Schrader called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Councilman Haskins moved to approve the agenda. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried. Councilman Hart moved to approve the May 18, 2021 regular meeting minutes. Councilman Camino seconded. Motion carried. 

Ordinance #1408 – An ordinance providing an annual appropriation bill for fiscal year ending June 30, 2022 was presented for Council consideration on second reading. Mayor Schrader explained the total budget appropriation was $13,146,500. Councilman Camino moved to approve Ordinance #1408 on second reading. Councilman Madsen seconded. Motion carried.

An appeal request from Pat & Clare Eastes of the Planning & Zoning Board rezoning action at 468 N Main from R1 to B1 was presented for Council consideration. Terry Asay, Building Inspector, advised Council that the property rezone could be modified back to an R1 zone with a conditional use permit issued. This option would allow the property to be used as a short-term rental by the current owner without permanently changing the zoning. Councilman Hart moved to modify the Planning & Zoning Board decision back to an R1 with a conditional use permit. Councilman Madsen seconded. Councilman Haskins added that short-term rentals are very popular and it made sense for this property to be used for that purpose. Motion carried.

Travis Lawrence, Buffalo Pool Board, updated Council on the pool reopening procedures for the 2021 season. Lawrence noted the pool would open June 19th and announced donations have been received to cover pool passes for those that can’t afford the daily fee. Those interested in donating to the fund or unable to afford a pool pass should contact COMPASS Center for Families. Lawrence also stated Marcie Leis would be the pool manager this season with Leah Hoblit serving as the assistant manager.

A request from Daniel Duncan to access City water outside city limits was presented for Council consideration. Terry Asay, Building Inspector, recommended Council postpone this decision since the number of water taps has not been determined and annexation may be a better option. Councilman Haskins moved to postpone the decision to grant access to water outside city limits for Daniel Duncan. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried.

A lease agreement for 149 Stockyard Road between the City of Buffalo and Joshua Schreckengost was presented for Council consideration. The term of the lease is for one year with a monthly rental of $950.00. Councilman Camino moved to approve the lease agreement. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried.

Terry Asay, Building Inspector, announced 26 building permits had been issued in May and gave a brief update on the Spring Cleanup campaign.

Jason Carder, Police Chief, presented a monthly report of police department activity. 

Larry Joubert, Public Works Foreman, announced city crews were busy paving street cuts and repairing the water feature at the Visitors Center. Joubert also stated estimates were being solicited for the repair of Erie Drive. 

Brent Bennett, Nelson Engineering, gave a brief update on the major construction projects of Fetterman/Burritt and Flatiron Drive. Bennett anticipates the Fetterman/Burritt project to be complete by the end of June and that a notice to proceed had been issued for the Flatiron project. 

There being no oral or written comments, Mayor Schrader announced a City/County meeting Jun 15 @ 7 a.m., a City Council meeting Jun 15 @ 5 p.m., a Planning & Zoning Board meeting Jun 22 @ 1 p.m. and the outdoor pool opens Jun 19. 

Councilman Haskins moved to approve the following bills for payment:  NCPERS Wyoming, insurance – 160.00; Ace Hardware, supply – 639.18; Aflac, agreement – 424.80; American Linen, supply – 382.21; AT&T, supply – 1,808.68; Big Horn Tire, Inc., supply – 970.64; Bloedorn Lumber, supply – 273.82; Blue Cross/Blue Shield, insurance – 41,293.00; Buffalo Athletic Club, agreement – 300.00; Buffalo Bulletin, supply – 689.70; Buffalo Tree Service, supply – 195.00; Capital Business Systems, supply – 430.61; Centurylink, supply – 742.70; Chappell’s Windows & Cleaning, supply – 36.00; Charter Communications, supply – 220.58; Clear Creek Printers, supply – 442.51; Crown Ditch Association, supply – 270.00; Dana Kepner Company, supply – 4,323.64; Dept of Workforce Services, agreement – 315.60; Kerry Diefenderfer, service – 450.00; DJ’s Thriftway, supply – 31.46; Embroidery Barn, supply – 330.00; Great Divide Fabrication, supply – 2,884.71; Hach Company, supply – 546.41; Nancy Hall, service – 285.00; Morgan Irish, reimbursement – 50.00; Jo.Co. Solid Waste District, supply – 24,762.75; Logistics Logic, supply – 95.00; Macomb County Friend of the Court, agreement – 257.70; Michelena Automotive, supply – 592.53; Kathy Money, supply – 48.00; Mountain Auto Supply, supply – 301.50; Northwest Pipe Fittings, supply – 25,637.00; Orchard Trust, agreement – 905.00; Ptolemy, supply – 343.00; Qwik Pack & Ship, supply – 24.54; Reese and Rays IGA, supply – 27.22; Rocky Mountain Power, supply – 5,791.31; Servall Uniform & Linen, supply – 79.37; Smith Psychological Services, supply – 400.00; St Francis Animal Shelter, agreement – 1,500.00; Stanard & Associates, supply – 122.50; Team Laboratory Chemical, supply – 2,032.40; Trugreen, supply – 3,830.00; Wet Works, supply – 120.00; Willow Park Reservoir, supply – 916.50; WWC Engineering, contract – 34,458.50; WY Ass’n Municipalities, supply – 240.00; WY Child Support Enforcement, agreement – 1,074.97; WyoDak Energy Services, contract – 83,255.17; WY Retirement System, retirement – 30,679.28; WY Workers’ Safety & Comp, insurance – 2,625.48; WY Educators’ Benefit Trust, insurance – 362.25. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried.

Councilman Hart moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:21 p.m. Councilman Haskins seconded. Motion carried.


Shane Schrader



Julie SIlbernagel

City Clerk

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