The Buffalo City Council met in Regular Session in the Council Chambers of City Hall.  Present were Mayor Schrader, Councilman Hart, Councilman Haskins and Councilman Madsen.  Councilman Camino was absent. Mayor Schrader called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Councilman Haskins moved to approve the agenda.  Councilman Madsen seconded.  Motion carried.  Councilman Hart moved to approve the August 3, 2021 regular meeting minutes.  Councilman Madsen seconded.  Motion carried.

Jennifer McCormick gave a brief update on upcoming events during Longmire Days with no street dance scheduled this year. McCormick requested a street closure on Angus from Western to Burritt Sept. 3 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. for a 5K run/walk. Council requested the business owners affected by the street closure be contacted. Councilman Madsen moved to approve the street closure on Angus Street. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried. McCormick also requested a street closure on E. Fetterman from Main Street to the alley from 7 a.m. Sept. 3 through 6 p.m. Sept. 5 for food truck parking during the event. Councilman Madsen moved to approve the street closure. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried.

Jennifer McCormick, Southside Grill, requested a noise variance for Sept. 3 & 4 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. @ 94 N Main for live music. Councilman Haskins moved to approve the noise variance. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried.

Cody Wyatt, WWC Engineering, presented bid results for phase 2 of the Buffalo Wells Project. Wyatt explained this phase would develop eight (8) wells for public water supply. Councilman Haskins moved to award the bid to 307 Wild Cat Well Services, LLC in the amount of $90,804.59. Councilman Hart seconded. Motion carried.  

City Attorney Ben Kirven thanked Council for the employee picnic.

Terry Asay, Building Inspector, gave a brief update on building permits issued and pending items for the Planning & Zoning Board meeting Aug 24.

There being no oral or written comments Mayor Schrader announced a Planning & Zoning Board meeting Aug 24 @ 1 p.m., a Department Head meeting Sep 7 @ 7 a.m., City Council meetings Sep 7 & 21 @ 5 p.m. and city offices would be closed Sep 6 for Labor Day. 

Councilman Hart moved to approve the following bills for payment: Ace Hardware, supply – 387.20; American Linen, supply – 585.05; Barnum Const. Services, contract – 113,326.11; BCN Telecom, Inc., supply – 87.51; Big Horn Coop Marketing Assoc., supply – 123.16; Big Horn Tire, Inc., supply – 22.00; Bighorn Surveying & Eng., contract – 4,723.00; Bloedorn Lumber, supply – 24.48; Buffalo Bulletin, supply – 1,384.00; Buffalo-Johnson Recycling JPB, agreement – 60,000.00; Capital Business Systems, supply – 677.00; Caselle, agreement – 650.00; Chesbro Electric., supply – 724.00; Collins Communication, agreement – 180.00; Contractor’s Supply, supply – 42.40; Dana Kepner Company, supply – 10,071.50; Desmond Plumbing & Heating, supply – 147.10; DJ’s Thriftway, supply – 70.33; Range, supply – 371.00; Hawkins, Inc., supply – 3,539.05; Leah Hoblit, reimbursement – 173.74; Honnen Equipment, supply – 665.21; Interstate Engineering, supply – 5,744.86; Leisure in Montana, supply – 199.97; Macomb County Friend of the Court, agreement – 257.70; Mastercard, supply – 5,025.79; Metron-Farnier, LLC, supply – 5,642.32; Michelena Automotive, supply – 1,112.81; Kathy Money, supply – 48.00; Mountain Auto Supply, supply – 470.36; MTR Ranch Supply, supply – 284.20; New York Life, agreement – 290.00; North Wyoming Insurance, supply – 200.00; Northern WY Community College, agreement – 10,000.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings, supply – 2,292.39; One-Call of Wyoming, supply – 438.75; Orchard Trust, agreement – 1,115.00; Pepsi of Gillette/Sheridan, supply – 204.80; Pocket Press, LLC, supply – 279.78; Power River Energy Corp, supply – 344.37; Ptolemy, supply – 333.00; Qwik Pack & Ship, supply – 18.86; Reese and Rays IGA, supply – 148.37; Rocky Mountain Power, supply – 15,231.86; Servall Uniform & Linen, supply – 79.37; Sysco Montana Inc., supply – 1,819.73; Top Office Products, supply – 39.98; Visionary Communications, supply – 175.17; Volunteers of America, supply – 190.00; Wear Parts, Inc., supply – 125.00; WY Child Support Enforcement, agreement – 713.47; WY Dept of Transportation, supply – 524.94; Wyoming Signs, LLC, supply – 3,339.35. Councilman Haskins seconded.  Motion carried.

Councilman Madsen moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:16 p.m.  Councilman Hart seconded.  Motion carried


Shane Schrader



Julie SIlbernagel

City Clerk

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