The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was brought to order by Chairman William J Novotny III, at 9:00am on Tuesday August 4, 2020. Attending were Commissioners Linda Greenough and Robert Perry, Commissioner’s Assistant Sheila Newcomb, Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago, County Attorney Tucker Ruby and County Clerk Vicki Edelman. 

    Perry moved to approve the minutes of the July 20, 2020 special budget adoption and other regular business meeting. Greenough seconded; motion carried.

     Paul Mavrakis, Wy Game and Fish and Pete Dube Wy Game & fish Commission member gave a report on their proposal to draft an Aquatic Invasive Species Rapid Response Plan.  After going over the proposal for Lake DeSmet, they stated the draft would be submitted to the county commissioners and then have public hearings for input before finalizing a plan.

     After discussion with R&B Supervisor Scott Pehringer and Cheryl Benner, Greenough moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign Resolution #647, a resolution authorizing the submission of an application for federal funded CMAQ in the amount of $533,428.00 which has a 20% county match; for the 2021 dust mitigation project.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

     After discussion and with the understanding this resolution is a policy statement only and a show of support for the businesses of Johnson County Commissioner Perry presented the resolution; Greenough moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign Resolution #646, a resolution declaring all legal businesses & personnel within Johnson County as Essential.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

     Greenough moved to have Chairman Novotny draft a letter in support of the sheep industry.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

     Greenough moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the Agreement for Services between Johnson County and Northern Wyoming Mental Health for the Court Supervised Treatment Program (Drug Court).  Perry seconded; motion carried.

     Perry moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the Catering Permit to Taylor’s Invasion Bar for the Curuchet Wedding Reception August 8, 2020 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

     Zane Hengel intern at the County Attorney’s Office was recognized by the Commissioners and the County Attorney’s Office for his work throughout the summer.

     Perry moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the MOU between Wy Dept of Health Public Health Division and Johnson County for the term beginning July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

     Greenough moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the Contract between Johnson County Healthcare and Johnson County for nursing services at the Jail beginning 9-1-2020.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

    Perry moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the Amendment One to the Contract Between the State of Wyoming, Dept of Corrections and Johnson County for placement of prisoners in our jail.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

     After discussion on cost, Perry moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the MOU between Johnson County, the City of Buffalo and the Snider Ditch Users Assn.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.

     Emergency Manager Marilyn Connolly updated the Commissioners on the FEMA reimbursement for COVID19 related expenses.

     Greenough moved to approve the July vouchers in the amount of $666,843.59.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

     The following vouchers were paid: 

Total Wages,Health Ins benefits,deductions-602,382.57;A&M Service-Labor180.00;AARMS-Law material195.00;Ace Hardware-Suply840.58;ACT-Telephone5,189.32Alsco-Suply106.86;AT&T Mobility-Cell phones472.50;Axis Forensic Toxicology-Lab fees478.00;Bald Mtn Sanitation-Labor986.82;Thomas Bennett,MD-Autopsies1,841.76;Big Horn Coop-Fuel,suplys-1,417.22;Big Horn Coop Marketing-Cardtrol-12,983.23;Big Horn Tire-Labor20.75;Black Hills Chemical-Suply19.94;Boys & Girls Club of the Big Horns -Qtrly3,412.50; Shawna Braley-Reimb42.18;Broken Pipe Wrench Plmbing-Labor80.00; Buckingham Lumber-Suply93.60;Buffalo Building Center-Suply65.96;Buffalo Bulletin -Ads2,507.00;Bufalo Children’s Center-Qtrly3,187.46;Buffalo Computer Consulting-Equip2,930.00;Buffalo Veterinary Clinic-Testing12.00; City of Buffalo -Water,CJC-2,198.00;Buffalo/JoCo Recycling-1%-70,000.00;Canon Financial-Lease 164.44 ;Capital Business Systems,Inc-Maint78.93;CDW-Software1,516.53;CED Sheridan-Suply72.90;Cenex Fleet card-Fuel-818.26;Century Link-Telephone1,997.28;Clear Creek Electric,LLC-Labor1,173.24;Compass Center for Families-Qtrly-5,101.56;Cummins Rocky Mtn-Labor651.22;Digeteks-Contract12,896.67; DOWL-Consult 156,337.90; David Eads-Reimb11.22; Eagle Summit Dental-Prsnr care931.00;Elevation Improvement-Qtrly maint5,700.00;Excel Roofing-Labor32,990.00;Farmers Ins-Premium830.00;Fastenal Co-Suply68.14; Forensic Consulting LLC-Morgue,mlge-1,083.00;Pat Foster-Labor4,250.00;Grainger-Suply92.06;Greenwood Mapping-Consult5,400.00;Florencia Gullick-Labor 210.00;Harness Funeral Home-Indigent burial-2,500.00;Bill Hawley-Reimb51.75;Heartland Kubota-Parts154.05;Honnen Equipment-Equip119.10;JC Parts & Repair-Parts277.96;Johnson Controls-Labor5,058.53;Johnson County Aviation-Contract,reimb3,011.97;Johnson County Fire-Labor2,080.25;JC Health care-Contract1,416.67;JC Weed & Pest-Labor173.42;JC Reimb-Rent 200.00;Jo Cty Emp Disability-Prem 500.00;JC Emp Health Plan-Prem 1,752.73;Town of Kaycee-Wtr, Swr,Garb451.86;Kenco-Alarm monitoring55.50;KGS,LLC-Parts15.99; Liberty Emblem-Uniforms396.51;Lincoln National Life Insurance-Premium441.86;Long Building Technologies-Labor708.00;MCI Comm Service-Sheriff20.96;Michelena Auto-Parts135.95;Mikeys Lock smithing-Suply84.95; Montana Dakota Utilities–Utilities1,336.00;Mountain Auto Suply-Parts 266.95; Mountain States Imaging-District Court18,225.53;Mtn States Litho graphing-P ballots79.31;MTR Feeds-Suplys324.80;Donna Nelson-Reimb 43.45;NORCO-Suply357.64;NWCCD-Sheridan College rent 20,000.00;OReilly Auto Parts-Suply10.99;Rod Odenbaugh-Reimb46.62;Office Shop-Maint, copies 194.19;Office Shop Lease841.79;Oil Xchange-Labor152.90;Oxford Inc Dust suppression11,732.50;Peak Pest Solutions-Labor423.95;Plainsman Printing-Books1,675.10;Powder River Energy-Utilities1,204.93; Prescription Shop-Prsnr Meds967.38;Preventive Health & Safety Division-Suply14.00;Quadient Finance USA-Pstge50.00;Quadient Leasing-Pstge226.90;Quill Corp-Suply66.57;RDO Equip-Parts470.32;Reed Smith,LLP-Attys fees1,807.20;Relx,Inc dba Lexis-Suply150.00;Rocky Mtn Fire Systems-Monitor alarms 360.00;Rocky Mtn Info Network-Dues50.00;Rocky Mountain Power-Utilities8,968.63;RT Communications Telephone416.51;Scantling Plumbing-Rent79.50;Paul Searcey-Labor225.00;Sheridan County-Rent492.00; SHI International-Warranties 5,075.99;Simon Contracting-Labor113,716.57;Squeeky Kleen Car Wash-Washs 136.70;St Francis Animal Shelter-1% & contract28,300.00;Josh Stenssas-Reimb124.33;Swede’s Fire Extinguisher-Labor273.75;Thomson Reuters West-Law material267.56;Toms Tire & Repair-Parts19.10; Tracker Software-Support3,998.00;Transunion Risk & Alternative-Contract165.00;Tree Mechanics-Labor 218.06;Roxi Turk-Labor80.00;Tyler Tech-Annual support10,201.49;USF Service-Prsnr food, supply 6,954.50;Verizon Wireless-Cell-627.64;Vertical Door Solutions-Labor80.00;VISA/Sheriff-Suplys864.11; VISA/First Bank Card-Parts,Supply,Equip4,155.45;VISA/Detention-Med 153.65;VISA/PHN-Suply 690.45;VOA-Contracts14,801.39;Wages Group-Rent,Attys fees1,154.20;Water Products Inc-Water, rent88.00;Joel White-Reimb30.00;Wy Dept of Transportation- Match275.31;Wy Dept of Ag-Permit 50.00;Wy Construction Materials-Labor456.30;Dept of Health-4th qtr-18,008.46;Wyoming Machinery-Parts2,519.53;Xerox Corp-Maint543.05;Y2 Consultants-Consult18,841.82;Charolette Yenney-Caretaker312.00;Zowada Steel & Recycling-Metal985.90. 

     Perry moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:35am.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.                                                                                           


William J Novotny III, Chairman            

Attest: Vicki Edelman, County Clerk

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