The Buffalo City Council met in Regular Session at the Bomber Mountain Civic Center and via zoom on January 5, 2021. Present were Mayor Schrader, Councilman Madsen, Councilman Haskins, and Councilman Lawrence. Councilman Hart attended via zoom. Mayor Schrader called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Councilman Haskins moved to approve the agenda. Councilman Lawrence seconded. Motion carried. Councilman Madsen moved to approve the December 15, 2020 regular meeting minutes. Councilman Lawrence seconded. Motion carried.

Dennis Kirven, Johnson County Magistrate, administered an oath of office for Council members John Camino and Scott Madsen. Mayor Schrader thanked Councilman Lawrence for his service on the Council. 

Mayor Schrader presented the following appointments for Council consideration:

Vice-Mayor – Wes Haskins

City Attorney – Ben Kirven

Police Chief – Jason Carder

Clerk/Treasurer – Julie Silbernagel

Municipal Judge – Mary Hupy

Alternate Municipal Judge – Paul Jarvis

Fire Chief – Clarence Gammon III

Safety Director – Larry Joubert

Building Inspector – Terry Asay

Councilman Haskins moved to approve the Mayor’s appointments. Councilman Camino seconded. Motion carried. Dennis Kirven administered an oath of office for the Mayor’s appointees. 

Councilman Haskins moved to designate the Buffalo Bulletin as the Official Newspaper. Councilman Madsen seconded. Motion carried.

Councilman Camino moved to designate the following official depositories:

ANB Bank, The Bank of Buffalo, First Interstate Bank of Commerce, FNB Bank, WYO-STAR Investment Pool, Moreton Asset Management

Councilman Haskins seconded. Motion carried.

Mayor Schrader reminded Council that financial disclosures had been distributed to each of them and should be completed and returned to the City Clerk. 

Mayor Schrader read a proclamation recognizing January 24 – January 30, 2021 as Buffalo School Choice Week and called this observation to the attention of all citizens. 

Mayor Schrader read a proclamation declaring January 2021 as Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention month and encouraged citizens to become more informed on this growing problem, to be vigilant and report suspicious activity, to work towards solutions to end human trafficking, and to start the conversations about human trafficking and exploitation in all its forms in our communities. Mayor Schrader presented the signed proclamation to Terri Markham, Uprising Co-Founder and Executive Director. 

Mayor Schrader presented the following board appointments for Council consideration:

Buffalo-Johnson Recycling Joint Powers Board – Jess McDermott, three (3) year term

Lodging Tax Board – Dave Stallwood, unexpired term

Optional 1% Committee – Mike Madden four (4) year term

Councilman Haskins moved to approve the Mayor’s board appointments. Councilman Camino seconded. Motion carried.

Kim Bolinger presented a request for a water tap at 60 Airport Road which is outside city limits. Building Inspector Terry Asay explained Bolinger would be responsible for an 8” engineered distribution line to be approved and installed before the water tap would be issued. The property owner is seeking City approval before proceeding with the project. Councilman Madsen moved to approve Bolinger’s request for water outside city limits. Councilman Haskins seconded. Motion carried.

The property and auto insurance policy renewal was presented by Trevor Moon, N Wyoming Insurance. Moon explained the premium had increased as a result of higher property rates and additional equipment and vehicles purchased by the City. Councilman Haskins moved to approve the renewal. Councilman Camino seconded. Motion carried.

Bill Ostheimer, AJ Mock and Adam Teten, Buffalo Youth Baseball representatives, presented proposed improvement plans for ball fields at the Sports Fields Complex and Prosinski Park. Ostheimer invited Council to the membership meeting on Jan 12 @ 5 p.m. at the Bomber Mountain Civic Center to learn more about the softball and baseball recreation opportunities in our community. Mock explained the Club was not seeking City funding at this time and would be pursuing federal grants for the proposed ballfield improvements. 

Terry Asay, Building Inspector, gave a brief update on new building permits issued and contractor license renewals. 

Jason Carder, Police Chief, presented a monthly report of police department activities.

There being no oral or written comments Mayor Schrader announced a City Council mtg Jan 19 @ 5 p.m., a Planning & Zoning Board mtg Jan 26 @ 1 p.m. and the 1% application deadline of Feb 19.

Councilman Haskins moved to approve the following bills for payment: NCPERS Wyoming, insurance – 144.00; Ace Hardware, supply – 98.40; Aflac, agreement – 424.80; American Linen, supply – 399.74; Assurity Life Insurance, agreement – 449.25; AT&T, supply – 1,871.14; Barnum Const Services, contract – 188,547.47; Bloedorn Lumber, supply – 121.58; Blue Cross/Blue Shield, insurance – 40,259.00; Buffalo Bulletin, supply – 1,676.50; Buffalo Children’s Center, agreement – 896.89; Buffalo Computer Consulting, supply – 47.00; Buffalo Golf Club, agreement – 8,000.00; Buffalo Urgent Care, supply – 250.00; Capital Business Systems, supply – 386.92; Jason Carder, reimbursement – 29.97; Centurylink, supply – 689.72; Chappell’s Windows & Cleaning, supply – 72.00; Charter Communications, supply – 238.87; DC Frost Associates, supply – 3,700.00; Dept of Workforce Services, agreement – 667.04; Kerry Diefenderfer, service – 360.00; DJ’s Thriftway, supply – 134.31; Delta Dental, insurance – 2,163.00; Floyd’s Truck Center, supply – 123.36; Grainger, supply -  820.73; Nancy Hall, service – 260.00; Jo. Co. Solid Waste District, supply – 16,208.25; L.N. Curtis & Sons, supply – 163.32; Long Bldg Tech, supply – 2,714.00; Macomb County Friend of the Court, agreement – 257.70; Michelena Automotive, supply – 1,710.81; Kathy Money, supply – 40.00; Montana Dakota Utilities, supply – 5,326.83; Mountain Auto Supply, supply – 777.44; Nelson Engineering, contract – 7,409.00; New York Life, agreement – 290.00; Garth Nicholas, petty cash – 179.82; North Wyoming Insurance, insurance – 73,962.00; Orchard Trust, agreement – 905.00; Pace Analytical Services, supply – 150.00; Powder River Energy Corp, supply – 370.87; Ptolemy, supply – 456.75; Qwik Pack & Ship, supply – 91.10; Radar Shop, supply – 643.00; Reese and Rays IGA, supply – 68.34; Rocky Mountain Power, supply – 18,440.99; Servall Uniform & Linen, supply – 127.86; Smith Psychological Services, supply – 400.00; Squeeky Kleen Car Wash, supply – 51.75; St Francis Animal Shelter, agreement – 1,500.00; Team Laboratory Chemical, supply – 105.00; Top Office Products, supply – 141.73; Visa, supply – 31.20; Wear Parts, supply – 156.38; WWC Engineering, contract – 7,470.00; WY Child Support Enforcement, agreement – 361.50; WY Retirement System, retirement  33,856.60; WY Workers’ Safety & Comp, insurance – 2,896.77; WY Educators’ Benefit Trust, insurance – 385.87. Councilman Madsen seconded. Motion carried.

Councilman Haskins moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:44 p.m. Councilman Madsen seconded. Motion carried.

Shane Schrader



Julie SIlbernagel

City Clerk

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