The Buffalo City Council met in Regular Session in the Council Chambers of City Hall.  Present were Councilman Hawley, Councilman Lakin, Mayor Dyess, Councilman Humphrey and Councilman Long. Mayor Dyess called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Councilman Lakin made a motion to approve the October 9, 2014 regular meeting minutes. Councilman Long seconded. Motion carried.

Councilman Hawley made a motion to introduce on first reading Ordinance #1373 – An ordinance amending Chapter 16, Section 16-39, Sale of Tobacco and Requirements for Minors, of the code of the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming to provide that electronic cigarettes may not be sold, given or delivered to or possessed or used by minors under the age of eighteen (18), whether or not they contain any product made or derived from tobacco that contains nicotine. Councilman Lakin seconded. Motion carried. Mayor Dyess explained there was a problem in Buffalo with electronic cigarettes which has prompted the proposed ordinance to amend the City Code. Anne Quast, Prevention Management Organization, thanked Mayor Dyess for his support of the code changes and his quick action to implement the changes. Shonda Wright, YMCA, stated her support for a ban on e-cigarettes for minors under the age of eighteen. Councilman Lakin made a motion to approve Ordinance #1373 on first reading. Councilman Long seconded. Motion carried.

Angela Jarvis, Chamber of Commerce, presented a request to close Main Street October 30th for the Monster March from 4 pm to 6 pm. Councilman Hawley made a motion to approve the request. Councilman Lakin seconded. Motion carried.

A catering permit request from the Invasion Bar for an Open House at the old Clear Creek School October 27th 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm for a Kaycee Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board Open House was presented for Council approval. Dave Simonsen explained tours of the facility would be held before and after the event. Councilman Hawley made a motion to approve the catering permit request with alcohol service to cease at 7:30 pm. Councilman Long seconded. Motion carried.

Spencer Hepp presented a request from property owners on lower Airport Road to connect to the new NW waterline. Hepp explained this would pertain to 6 homes with the landowners paying the construction costs for the distribution line which would belong to the City. Councilman Hawley made a motion to approve the request to connect to the NW waterline. Councilman Lakin seconded. Discussion followed regarding whether the City had enough water to service the additional homes. Council clarified the tap fees and user rates would be double since this was outside of city limits. Motion carried.

Mike Quast, YMCA, reminded Council of water damage to the old racquetball room as a result of a leaking valve in the hot tub. Quast requested $7,300 to repair the wall since the valve had been fixed. Councilman Lakin made a motion to approve the request. Councilman Hawley seconded. Motion carried. Quast updated Council on improvements to the archery building.

Julie Silbernagel, Clerk/Treasurer, gave a powerpoint presentation to Council regarding financial highlights for the 1st quarter of FY15.

Lynn Barrett, Planning Director, gave a brief update on recent planning activities and updated Council on Buffalo Downtown Association activities.

Ben Kirven, City Attorney, reviewed easement acquisitions on the S Loop Pipeline and requested Council direction regarding a recent request to outsource sanitation services.  

Toby Rhoades, Building Inspector, discussed progress on the Habitat for Humanity home being constructed on Tamari Drive and answered Council questions.

Jason Carder, Police Chief, announced extra patrol would be on duty October 30 & 31 for the Monster March and Halloween.

Les Hook, Public Works Director, explained the results of the recent inspection of Tie Hack Dam. Hook stated the upstream toe and face of the dam had been inspected as well as the downstream toe. Hook informed Council the dam was in good shape would not need this inspection again for 20 years provided the City continued regular safety inspections. Hook gave status updates on projects nearing completion including the Burritt Street Reconstruction and the NW Waterline and answered Council questions regarding tree limbs, Sports Fields Complex lights and bushes obstructing stop signs and intersections. Councilman Hawley read a letter from Bill Woodward praising City crews for outstanding grading work to the roads and parking areas at the Trap and Skeet range.

Angela Jarvis, Chamber of Commerce, explained the 2 cent Lodging Tax that would be on the November ballot for renewal and encouraged everyone to vote to continue the tax.

There being no further oral or written comments Mayor Dyess announced a Planning and Zoning Board meeting Oct 28, the Monster March Oct 30, Halloween Oct 31, November council meetings Nov 4 & 18, Daylight Savings Time ends Nov 2, Election Day Nov 4 and City office closures Nov 11, 27 & 28.

Councilman Lakin made a motion to approve the following bills:  Ace Hardware, supply – 228.02; American Linen, supply – 351.95; Big Horn Coop, supply – 69.99; Big Horn Tire, supply – 1,961.00; Buffalo Bulletin, supply – 149.50; Buffalo Computer Consulting, supply – 32.00; Capital Business Systems, agreement – 502.64; Caselle, agreement – 650.00; Centurylink, supply – 844.28; Charter Communications, supply – 473.78; CHS, Inc., By-Products, supply – 20,271.21; Clear Creek Printers, supply – 59.42; Collins Communication, agreement – 180.00; Contractor’s Supply, supply – 918.80; Creative Product Sourcing, supply – 2,332.95; DJ’s Thriftway, supply – 103.79; Environmental Products & Access., supply – 3,061.46; GPM Bldg Maint, service – 36.00; Hach Company, supply – 1,119.08; High Plains Pizza, supply – 58.00; Homax Oil, supply – 785.70; Johnson County, supply – 4,275.59; Mastercard, supply – 4,161.09; Michelena Automotive, supply – 1,001.09; Mistras Services Division, supply – 800.00; Montana Dakota Utilities, supply – 2,748.10; Mountain Auto Supply, supply – 477.18; Norco, Inc., supply – 21.70; Northwest Pipe Fittings, supply – 284.58; The Office, supply – 251.02; The Oil Barn, supply – 47.50; One-Call of Wyoming, supply – 34.50; PRO-ROV Services, contract – 3,150.00; Ptolemy, agreement – 225.50; Purchase Power, supply – 800.00; QA Balance Services, supply – 976.00; Qwik Pack & Ship, supply – 45.58; Rocky Mountain Power, supply – 193.00; Ron’s Plumbing, supply – 2,314.44; Servall Uniform & Linen, supply – 74.79; Sports Lure, supply – 89.97; Squeeky Kleen Car Wash, supply – 95.45; Clerk of District Court, agreement – 164.31; TriCounty Gas, supply – 253.00; Ultramax, supply – 2,214.00; WCS Telecom, supply – 85.78; Wear Parts, supply – 51.00; Wireless Advanced Comm., supply – 447.25; Wood Group PSN, supply – 866.55; WY Child Support Enforcement, agreement – 713.00; WY Dept of Revenue, sales tax – 270.00; WY Workers’ Safety & Compensation, insurance – 3,824.28.  

Councilman Hawley seconded. Motion carried.

   There being no further business Councilman Long made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:04 p.m. Councilman Humphrey seconded. Motion carried.

Randy Dyess



Julie SIlbernagel

City Clerk

Publish: October 30, 2014 14-0382

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