The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was brought to order by Chairman William J Novotny, III at 9:00am on Tuesday December 22, 2020. Attending were Commissioners Linda Greenough and Robert Perry, Commissioner’s Assistant Sheila Newcomb, County Clerk Vicki Edelman; County Attorney Tucker Ruby and Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago.  This meeting was held via “Go to Meeting” for public access and participation.

The Buffalo Heat Softball Team met with the Commissioners to deliver their treats and gifts for the Veterans Home for Christmas.

After discussion on the Community Charitable Relief Program, Perry moved to approve the Chairman’s allocations for the Governor’s Special Relief Program in the amount of $182,391.91. Greenough seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to authorize Chairman Novotny to sign the Amended Drug Court Agreement.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to Ratify the action taken on the Covid-19 Crisis Response Grant in the amount of $100,000.00.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to rescind the temporary stop work agreement between Johnson County and John Moreland, owner of property at Lake DeSmet.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Greenough moved to go into Executive Session pursuant to Wyoming Statute covering litigation at 9:30am.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

The regular meeting was back in session at 10:06am and Greenough moved to direct the County Attorney to immediately file the appropriate legal action against John Moreland and other rightful property owners in Johnson County District Court.  Perry seconded; motion carried.

Chairman Novotny reported the ad will be in the paper for the board appointments and asked for letters of interest to be sent to the Commissioner’s Office.

Perry moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:13am.  Greenough seconded; motion carried.


William J Novotny III, Chairman

Attest: Vicki Edelman, County Clerk

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