RAWLINS (WNE) — A Rawlins man could face more than a decade in prison for threatening local police officers on social media. 

Charles Leroy McMacken, 37, is charged with influencing, intimidating or impeding officers, a felon, driving under suspension, a misdemeanor, and interference with a peace officer.

McMacken pleaded not guilty to all three counts on Friday in Carbon County District Court.

According to an arrest affidavit: 

At 12:09 p.m. on March 8, Rawlins Police Officer George Phillips performed a traffic stop at Pacific and Larsen streets. McMacken was driving the vehicle. It was discovered his license was suspended, so he was issued a citation for the violation and then released. 

About 90 minutes later, Phillips observed McMacken walking on the sidewalk. It appeared to the officer that the man was throwing objects at a vehicle. When Phillips went to stop McMacken, the man began yelling at the officer, threatening to “beat his [expletive]” and that he was going to kill the officer. McMacken took off running. Phillips was unable to catch him. 

Later that evening, an anonymous caller reported to RPD dispatch that McMacken was making “alarming” comments about the department on his Facebook page. Some of the comments included “You piece of [expletive] cop I’m going to kill u and your family pull me over for pointing to the sky then chase me around like a rabbit I won’t your teeth [expletive] if you want to stay in rawlins right now if I ever see you again you’ll be lucky u [expletive].”

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