GILLETTE (WNE) — A 46-year-old Billings, Montana, woman was arrested by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office after about a 30-mile car chase on Interstate 90 on Monday afternoon.

Laura Banderob faces multiple charges from both the Sheriff's Office and the Gillette Police Department.

The Sheriff’s Office is charging her with alleged eluding, reckless driving, speeding, driving under suspension, stop light violation and no insurance. 

Late Monday morning, Banderob allegedly tried to leave Walmart with $471 worth of merchandise, but then decided to leave the items at the store. She got into her Dodge Caravan and left. Officers attempted to stop her in the parking lot, but she kept going, Police Lt. Brent Wasson said.

Officers then dispatched the Sheriff’s Office, which got a report of the Caravan running a red light at the intersection of Highway 59 and Boxelder Road. She then got onto I-90 westbound, but not before cutting off several vehicles and almost causing a crash.

Banderob was going as fast as 111 mph when deputies were able to set tire spikes out on I-90. She hit them, causing her two driver’s side tires to puncture by about 6 miles west of the Highway 50 exit.

But Banderob kept driving on the deflated tires and rims, hitting a Sheriff's Office front bumper with metal debris coming from the rim before continuing on for about 25 miles. She was driving about 60 mph until she got close to the Johnson County line where she finally stopped. Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said.


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