EVANSTON (WNE) — An Evanston outfitter was arrested last week after he allegedly assaulted a peace officer over a years-long trespassing dispute. 

Dustin Lym, 41, who owns and operates Big Rack Outfitters, was arrested by the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, Sept. 3. 

According to the arrest report, Lym leases land from the Martin Ranch north of Evanston. Lym told deputy Cameron Winberg that someone had shot a deer about 150 yards into the private property, so he called Nick Roberts, Evanston’s game warden for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD), to investigate. 

Lym told Winberg, according to the report, that he “had been fighting with Warden Roberts for several years over this same issue and it is now starting to mess with his livelihood.” 

Shortly after Roberts dealt with the trespassers, a fiery exchange occurred between him and Lym. 

“Dustin and Warden Roberts began arguing; it got really heated and they were in each other’s face,” Winberg wrote. “At some point, Dustin’s and Warden Roberts’ heads collided with one another.” 

Lym had been drinking, he told Winberg, and his blood-alcohol content was .048, according to the report. 

“I advised Dustin I believed he lost his temper and, combined with drinking, that I did believe he used his head to hit Warden Roberts and that he (Roberts) is an officer in uniform; therefore, he is under arrest for assaulting a peace officer,” Winberg wrote. 

Lym was taken to the Uinta County Detention Center without further incident. 

He is charged with one count of interference with a peace officer causing bodily injury — a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.


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