SHERIDAN (WNE) — Some Sheridan City Council members requested Sheridan Police Department Chief Rich Adriaens to release body camera footage from his and a uniformed officer’s visit to Smith Alley Brewing Company May 13 to “tell the other side of the tale most folks have not seen.”

Several of the council members and Mayor Roger Miller viewed the body camera footage from the visit in which Adriaens and the uniformed officer spoke to Smith Alley owner Tiffany McCormick, asking her to comply with all 21 requirements in a variance approved by the state health officer in reopening restaurants for business indoors. 

A member of the Sheridan County incident management team notified SPD that Smith Alley staff was not wearing masks, a requirement of the variance enforceable by law.

McCormick then published a video on Facebook that received widespread attention.

“I found (the interaction between law enforcement and McCormick) to be nonthreatening and polite,” Councilor Jacob Martin said. “I hope we can go ahead and just publicize it so everybody can just view the whole thing.”

Adriaens made the video available to the mayor, council and the incident management team. Miller relayed that Adriaens said if the council believed the public needed to see the body cam footage, it could be released but if they felt it did not need to continue the “buzz” by posting it, he’s fine not posting, as well.

“The officers complied with the law, and I think we just need to move on,” Councilor Patrick Henderson said.  “I think there was a misunderstanding, and these are difficult times.”

Council did not take action whether to release the video or not but simply used the time to gather opinions from councilors on the subject.

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