GILLETTE (WNE) – A California man who is accused of leading Campbell County law enforcement into Converse County on Thursday morning is facing additional charges, including impersonating an officer. 

Jonathan David Suckow, 39, of Lomita, California, faces three counts of eluding and one count apiece of reckless endangerment and impersonating an officer, Gillette Police Lt. Brent Wasson said Friday.

That is an addition to fleeing to elude, reckless driving as well as speeding and other traffic-related offenses that the Wyoming Highway Patrol arrested Suckow for. 

The incident started when the Gillette Police Department received a report of Suckow impersonating someone in law enforcement at the Flying J Travel Center. He also asked to frisk someone inside the business. When Suckow was asked to show identification to prove he was with law enforcement he became upset and left the store. 

Officers tried to use tire spikes at Interstate 90 and Highway 50, but Suckow fled and officers temporarily lost sight of him. Shortly after, officers received a report of the man traveling about 90 mph past Thunder Basin High School. 

Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers joined the chase near Savageton and it continued south on Highway 50 at speeds over 100 mph before heading eastbound on Highway 387 toward Wright.

Suckow stopped the car about 6 miles from Douglas on Highway 59, but he wouldn't get out. He started to drive south again, but the car went into the barrow ditch before he could drive around law enforcement to escape.

Suckow wasn't hurt and was taken into custody. WHP Sgt. Jeremy Beck estimated the pursuit was 140 miles based on the mileage from Highway 50 to 387 to 59 and from 59 to where it came to a stop just north of Douglas. 

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