Wanda Carol Hubbell

April 27, 1955 – Dec. 30, 2018

Wanda Carol Hubbell, 63, of Gillette, passed away on Dec. 30, 2018. She was born to parents Charles and Marie Etters, on April 27, 1955 in Baltimore.

She graduated from Mannheim High School in Germany in the year 1972. 

Wanda met Charles Allan Hubbell in 1980. They were married on Aug. 10, 1985 in Gillette. Together they raised two children: Jennifer Bambi Hubbell and Charles Edward Hubbell.

She will forever be remembered as a woman who ensured everyone around her was safe and well taken care of, who loved to laugh and could not get enough of Neil Diamond or the BeeGees. Wanda was an intelligent woman who easily climbed to the top positions in any workplace environment and was many a time during her career an indispensable part of the business she was with. She made a career of human resource development and business administration duties, her longest tenure was with AMAX Coal Company. Wanda had a keen love of elephants (“ephalunts” in family parlance), for losing herself in a good horror novel (especially anything written by Stephen King), and later in life for finding the solitude of camping with her husband. Diamonds were an integral part of her life, as was the fun of gambling in Deadwood, or sharing a good treat with Sassy.

Wanda is survived by her husband Charles Allan; daughter and son Jennifer Bambi and Charles Edward; and grandkids, Charles William, Josephine Victoria and Grady Todd. She was preceded in death by her mother Marie; her father Charles; and her siblings, Lucinda, Irene and Jim.

A memorial for Wanda was held on Aug. 1 in Buffalo at the Willow Grove Cemetery.