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A fringe group of the Republican party has decided that group-think and loyalty to the tribe is the highest priority. Four Republican legislative candidates in Campbell County have signed a 10-point “contract” and are now urging Wyoming lawmakers to sign the contract, pledging their support …

Johnson County schools experienced the largest decline in student enrolment in the past 25 years. Certainly some of that decline can be attributed to community demographics, including an aging population and families moving out of the district for economic reasons. 

Last week, Gov. Mark Gordon finalized the first round of state budget cuts totaling more than $250 million, with an additional $80 million in cuts to maintenance of state buildings. The 10% cuts will have significant effects on Wyoming communities and citizens, as the cuts will impact import…

The first day of school will likely arrive with a wave of anxiousness in 2020 as students, parents and staff wonder what this school year will hold amid the ongoing pandemic.

Here’s your chance to be heard, to actually impact what Johnson County will look like in the years and decades to come.

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Effects of these warm days (and nights) are showing up in a number of ways. Range grass is short, dry and brittle and the snowdrifts in the highest parts of mountain are quickly disappearing.

The 2020 Johnson County Fair and Rodeo is now in the history books and considering concerns about COVID-19, fire danger, hot weather and a few other things . . . it was a great one again.

In less than two weeks, the voters of Johnson County will have the opportunity to demonstrate what our community truly values.

My staff and I were taken aback by the inexplicable presumptions and assertions contained in the July 20 Bulletin Viewpoint piece titled, “Time for State to Take the Lead.” We appreciate the Bulletin’s willingness to allow this response. In these incredibly tense times, my hope is that we ca…

Some Johnson County teachers have expressed anger and dismay at last week’s Buffalo Bulletin article about a report to the school board by business manager Tom Sarvey regarding teacher absenteeism.

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Earlier this month, the state Department of Education released parameters for reopening the state’s 347 schools. By early August, the state’s 48 school districts must submit their own plans in accordance with the guidelines. 

Walking down the canned goods aisle at the grocery store this week, one of the Bench Sitters overhead two young mothers visiting (at a social distance of course) and picked up on a few thoughts that would not occur to most of us who are well into our “Social Security years.”

The clock is ticking toward Aug. 24 – the first day of school in Johnson County. With less than seven weeks until students return to learning, many questions remain unanswered.

And just like that, the Fourth of July is here! Maybe it’s the pandemic or all the political noise, but somehow this holiday snuck up on the Bench Sitters a bit too fast. 

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Well-intentioned bipartisan legislation supported by Wyoming Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso would allow state-inspected meat to be sold across state lines. Under normal conditions, this might create a boon for locally raised beef that could now be processed in Wyoming and sold under a pri…

It is budget season, and both the city and county are grappling with projected revenue declines of 20 percent or more. On Monday, the state’s first cost-cutting measures will go into effect – 10 of the state’s rest areas will be shuttered to reduce the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s …

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If there is anything positive to say about the summer of drought we are apparently facing, it would be that it has helped take local conversations away from coronavirus and rioting over racial issues.

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For nearly 15 years, we have heard about the United States Postal Service running in the red. Politicians have wrongly claimed that this is due solely to mismanagement, and that the USPS should be privatized. Certainly management could be improved. However, the real driver of these losses oc…