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After months of deliberation and discussions with community stakeholders, the school days at Meadowlark Elementary and Cloud Peak Elementary schools will be shortened by approximately 45 minutes.

With the recent rainy weather, I have been longing for days spent outside in the sunshine. Last weekend we were fortunate enough to have warmer temperatures and some rays peeking through the clouds. My husband and I took full advantage of it by going on our first morel mushroom hunt. Neither…

Tourism is big business in Johnson County. Travelers contributed just over $55 million to our local economy last year and accounted for just over $200 million in local wages.

School boards are responsible for setting the vision and goals for the district; adopting policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals; setting and overseeing the annual budget; and hiring and evaluating the superintendent. That’s according to the Nationa…

Let me tell you about an old teeter-totter adage believed by a great many Wyoming leaders. In this theory, it’s believed the Wyoming economy operates in the opposite way of the national USA economy.

This weekend folks in Johnson County and across America will head for the mountains or the lake or just put their feet up and enjoy an extra day off. For millions of Americans, Memorial Day marks the start of summer.

It appears the annual Memorial Day ceremonies in Buffalo, along with the DeSmet Fishing Derby, will get the typical cool weather with a chance of showers again this weekend.  

The weather was perfect for Mother’s Day this past Sunday. It was like a special reward for those many nights of lost sleep while caring for children who were hungry, thirsty or had a bad cold or upset stomach.

In 1999, Baz Luhrmann released the single  “Wear Sunscreen,” a spoken-word track that offers various pieces of advice to graduates on how to live a happier life and avoid common frustrations. The song comes directly from an essay written as a hypothetical commencement speech by columnist Mar…

While Wyoming lawmakers are working hard to find ways to increase revenue in the state to diversify the economy, unfortunately many of them seem willfully blind when it comes to a real opportunity sitting right there in front of them: growing our tourism sector. In the last two years, bills …

In the months since Johnson County Schools Superintendent Jim Wagner surveyed parents regarding moving Buffalo schools to a four-day school week, we have received many letters both for and against the proposal.

On April 18, the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center and Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne teamed up to sponsor a panel discussion on the economic and fiscal future of the state. They assembled a panel of six individuals with varying backgrounds to provide perspectives …

The Johnson County School District is considering shortening the school day by 40 minutes for elementary students starting this August.

One thing about the Bench Sitters that has not changed over the many years this column has been in the Bulletin is that they share a trait of being secretive about some of the most trivial things in their lives.

Johnson County’s valuation will likely decline by 14% this year, which means less money to operate the county and tighter budgets for every department and special district.

I’ve spent the past 8½ years at the Buffalo Bulletin interviewing some of the community’s most amazing people, covering some of the harsher facts of life and learning the ins and outs of the place I grew up in and am raising my family in.

A sure sign of spring in Johnson County, besides all the calves and lambs you can spot along the highways, is the assurance that the weather is likely to change every 24 hours or less.

It was bound to happen. It is my turn to dust off my dancing shoes and make my Dancing With the Stars debut. This annual dance competition raises money for the Cancer Society of America.

While downtowns across the country are being revitalized, often with the help of local and state grants, big box stores are closing in droves. Unfortunately, Buffalo’s Shopko has fallen prey to this trend and will be closing soon.

More than a year ago, the BDA, the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce and JOCO First sat down to evaluate a potential partnership. The goal was to eliminate a duplication of services and find a way to make taxpayer dollars go further.

It’s a good thing the Johnson County School District Board of Trustees is pulling back the reins on a proposal to move to a four-day school week in Buffalo.

It’s that time of year when Wyoming begins to thaw out. Yes, we will still get those spring snowstorms, but the promise that warmer weather is just around the corner gives us something to look forward to.