Last weekend was busy in the village and a lot of the locals claim they “hid-out” during Longmire Days so the visitors would have lots of room to have a good time.

Hard to believe there are so many people trying to make a few dollars selling odds and ends and trinkets in those little tents set up around Bomber Mountain Center.  

Looks like a tough way to make a living as far as the Bench Sitters are concerned.

One of the boys watched the “auction” to raise money for the K9s for Warriors on Friday evening.  

He said there was one lady who spent thousands of dollars and might have ended up with at least a third of the “stuff” that went on the block.

She must have had a good-sized bank account. Not sure how most of us would feel about owning a $5,000 folding chair with a canvas sleeve with “Robert Taylor” printed on it.

Anyway, it was for a good cause.

Monday morning we visited with a nice couple that had driven all the way from Wisconsin to attend the festivities. They said they had been “treated well” in Buffalo and enjoyed themselves. Glad to hear that kind of comment.

Meanwhile, back down on the Main Drag, one of our favorite Bench Sitters was explaining some of the symptoms of getting older.

“There are three sure signs you can tell you are aging,” he said. “First is the loss of memory . . . and damn, I can’t remember the other two right now. Give me a minute.”

Another one grinned and pointed out there are five women for every man after the age of 75. “That’s a hell of a time for a guy to get those odds,” he said.

This kind of conversation always gets the “older-and-wiser” coffee bunch on a roll.

Among the other quips we heard that morning…

I’ve been cautioned to slow down by my doctor instead of the police.

     It would be great if the aging process had to work its way through Congress. That could take forever.

     I was up at the clinic last week, and my doctor had that “good and bad news” approach for me. He said good news is that I’m not a hypochondriac.

     This week the Bench Sitters learned a few tips on how to spot a local resident. These are people who…

When giving directions, always start with, “You know where the traffic light at Fort and Main is located?”

Try to explain how I-90 turns into I-25.

Know we have two traffic lights on Main Street and they are not “timed.”

Know interstate roads are always under construction during the summer (it’s a law and you can’t do anything about it.)

Know that once the light turns green at Hart and Main, only three cars can go through the intersection, eight more go through on yellow, and four more on red.

Are aware if it looks like a ranch truck, or a small white head appears between the top of the steering wheel and the dash board . . . the blinker means nothing.

Get that “oh sure” look on their face when rain is forecast.

Realize boats and snow machines can only be used a couple months each year, but still believe they are great investments.

Know that if they don’t put up the Christmas lights the first warm day after Thanksgiving, it will cause a bad cold snap early in the winter season.

Learn how to dress in layers. It will be 95 degrees outside. But inside fast food restaurants it’s 65 degrees.

And smile because lots of people actually go to church on Sundays . . . if you don’t believe it just try to find a place to eat Sunday breakfast.

Good to see the local motel parking lots filled with out-of-state vehicles and so many people strolling up Main Street and checking out the stores.

This week activities at the fairgrounds are getting started. Hard to believe the annual Johnson County Fair and Rodeo will soon be underway, just another sure sign our summer is moving right along.

Gardens were late this year, so most of the tomatoes in the competition will be green and the biggest zucchini may not take two men to lift.

 Stay cool and we will write again next week.


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