After Mom finished cleaning up the mess the kids made in the kitchen while they “fixed breakfast” for Dad last Sunday, she had to get busy cooking that special Father’s Day dinner. 

A lot of moms noticed that Father’s Day just happened to be the longest day of the year, too.

Summer has officially arrived, but 2020’s version may be different than usual because of the threat of the pandemic that can even touch a remote place like Johnson County. 

Some days, most of the people shopping in the grocery stores are wearing masks, and other days almost no one is. Perhaps most of us feel it’s really not much of a threat, but in the back of our minds a lot of doubt remains.

The shutdown of the most popular coffee spots has sure done some serious damage to the local rumor mill for many people in this community who are not tied to their computers or smartphones.

We used to think there were some things that could only be passed along by leaning over and whispering to the guy across the table. But now that kind of stuff shows up on the internet and social media, and nobody seems to think anything about it.

One of the Bench Sitters says Will Rogers must have been thinking about all that when he wrote . . . “There are some men who learn by reading, a few learn by observation, and the rest of them have to pee on the electric fence.”

He also remarked, “People say there is nothing that will get your mind off of everything like golf.

“But I’ve never been depressed enough to take up the game. They say it will make you so mad at yourself you will forget to hate your enemies.”

We suspect that’s why the last several presidents have played so much golf.

Another Will Rogers idea that sure fits today was . . . “Last year we said things couldn’t go on like this, and they didn’t . . . they got worse.”

Understand not everyone has the miller month problem, but those pesky critters continue to “bug” our place. A pan of soapy water by the kitchen window will “harvest” at least two dozen every night. They are supposed to move to the mountains for cooler temperatures.

Summers in Wyoming are great, but this one looks like a “cotton year” for certain.

Clouds of cotton are starting to blow down the streets and seem to stick to everything imaginable.

The stuff plugs up coolers, air cleaners on lawn mowers, window and door screens and causes many people to sneeze and wheeze.

Those grape-like clusters of cotton seem to be hanging from every branch of the old cottonwoods around Buffalo. This may be one of those years when a little hail might help the situation.

And finally this week, we heard a story that just might be true. An older lady was in a long line of cars at a local drive-in restaurant. She was reading a message on her cellphone when the car behind her started honking. 

She had not seen the line move forward one car space. She looked back, and the young girl in the car behind also gave her the “one-finger” signal.

So when she got to the “pay window” she said she wanted to pay for her meal and also for the order for the car behind her.

She took both receipts and when she got to the “food window” she collected her order and the one for the car behind hers. 

Smiling as she drove away, she knew the girl behind was going to have to go through the line again to order and get her food.

Don’t mess with old people!


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