When you shop locally, 68 cents of every dollar spent stays right here in the community, supporting local organizations, charities and services.

That’s just one of the reasons to shop local this holiday season. There are many reasons, like the fact that local businesses provide jobs for our friends and neighbors. Shopping local reduces environmental impacts. The customer service is often better, and shopping local nurtures our community. It also creates choice and helps make our community a destination. But maybe more than any other reason, shopping local supports the businesses that support our community. These are the businesses that we ask time and time again to donate to local events and charities. And time and time again, they donate time, money, prizes or auction items to benefit local organizations.

Take the Boys & Girls Club of the Bighorns. The organization has already raised $805,000 toward a $2.4 million capital campaign, much of it from local community members and business owners.

But donations don’t end there.

The Johnson County Library’s annual auction raised $26,000.

The Johnson County Family YMCA is in the middle of its Y Partners campaign, which promises to once again be successful.

A generous benefactor of the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum has pledged to match each dollar – up to $30,000 – that the museum raises between now and Dec. 31.

This year’s Junior Livestock Auction brought in a staggering $427,469 and most animals were purchased by Johnson County businesses and business owners. 

School events like band trips and FFA adventures are often supported by local businesses.

A lot of those dollars come from small businesses that call Johnson County home.

Without support from local merchants, life in Johnson County would be pretty bleak. There simply isn’t enough money to operate the many amenities we take for granted here in Johnson County without financial support from local businesses and local business owners.

Our merchants understand that you cannot buy every single item on your shopping list locally. But before you fight the crowds at a gargantuan box store to buy some ridiculously cheap item that will likely break within a year, check out the shopping right here in Buffalo.

The people on your gift list will thank you.



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