Tom Borgialli was inducted into the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame last month. We know this because we featured him in a front-page feature story in the Buffalo Bulletin.

Johnson County students scored better than the state average in 14 of 19 WYTOPP categories during the 2018-19 school year. The district also outpaced its own 2017-18 performance in 17 testing categories. That news was also on the front page of this newspaper.

In the last month, we reported that the flu vaccine is available in the community, and public health officer Dr. Mark Schueler recommends the vaccine for anyone over the age of 6 months.

And a proposed flood dike on the Powder River was put on hold indefinitely.

Fake news?


In a world of fake news spread on social media and attacks on the media from people in power, it is important to distinguish between legitimate reporting by credible sources and all the noise posing as “the media.”

Over the past 135 years, much has changed about how we report the news: Typewriters gave way to computers and digital cameras made darkrooms obsolete. But since our founding as the Buffalo Republican in 1894, our purpose has remained unchanged: To see, know, care about and understand our community and then share what we find.

At least once a week, someone stops in our office and asks to see a back issue of the paper because they are looking for the obituary of a deceased long-last classmate or a photo of their child at homecoming. The Buffalo Bulletin is the repository of ideas and events that shape us. It is the public record of what happened, when and where.

We’re also incredibly privileged to report on our neighbors. Sometimes that means celebrating heroic actions or feats of athleticism or honoring a milestone birthday or anniversary. Other times, we have the unfortunate job of sharing sad or unpleasant news with you.

But no matter what we are reporting on, the reporters, photographers and editors in our newsroom understand what an honor and a privilege it is to hear these stories and to be entrusted to pass them along to our community.

We are real people – people you know – gathering the news, conducting interviews, covering meetings, attending events, writing, editing, fact-checking and making sure every day you can trust what you read.

We are real people reporting the news from Johnson County. We’re reporting the news about our friends and neighbors we live among – people you’ll run into at the grocery store, at the soccer match or at the dentist’s office. Their stories are real and authentic.

Thanks for trusting us to share them with you each week.

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