This weekend, Buffalo’s population is expected to more than double as thousands of diehard “Longmire” fans flock to town for Longmire Days. It is the busiest weekend of the summer for many businesses, and that’s saying something in a town with a busy summer travel season.

In 2018, tourism and travel-related spending in Johnson County totaled more than $55.3 million, according to a study commissioned by the Wyoming Office of Tourism.

In 2018, there were 640 travel-related jobs reached in Johnson County, and earnings generated by travel spending in Johnson County topped $14 million.

For the past eight years, Longmire Days has contributed significantly to that spending.

Thousands of faithful fans from across the globe descend on Buffalo each year to meet the actors and the author and to experience all that Sheriff Longmire’s stomping grounds has to offer.

They shop in our shops. They sleep in our hotels and at our campgrounds. They eat at our restaurants. They open their wallets and spend money that helps our businesses thrive and boosts sales tax dollars that are fundamental to our city operations.

The event also means more money for the state. Many attendees turn their trip to Buffalo into an extended vacation, traveling from Buffalo to explore the Bighorns and continuing on to Yellowstone.

And “Longmire” fans are happy to be here. They love the town, the people and the experience. And we’re sure they go home and tell their friends about it.

The event is certainly a boon for Buffalo and beyond, but planning Longmire Days isn’t easy. It takes countless hours of work by both the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce staff and board members, as well as 200-plus volunteers.

Chamber employees work 16-plus hour days over the four-day event. Volunteers put in myriad hours of their time to make sure the event runs smoothly. These individuals deserve kudos for their hard work – without them, the event simply wouldn’t happen.

The event’s success also takes the support of the entire community. If locals weren’t behind it, it would be a different event entirely. The locals help ensure the fans coming back.

Thursday marks the start of the annual event in Buffalo. With increased traffic, it might take a little longer to get across town, but rest assured – the event goes a long way in keeping our small Western town flourishing.

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