The journey of a buffalo head to the mayor's office...

The Bench Sitters have been keeping an eye on the Wyoming Legislature since they went into their semi-annual budget session, and we notice they are very busy not addressing the problem of not having enough money to meet all the demands to keep things running.

One of the old hands tells us they probably won’t make any difficult and politically unpopular votes until all the savings accounts have been drained.

“It’s like watching water run downhill,” he said. “You can count on them always taking the path of least resistance and staying away from anything that might get them un-elected.”

So they keep busy with a lot of other things like arguing over ideas to make gambling bring a few extra bucks into the state and local coffers.

Gambling was a wide-open deal in Wyoming for many years, and there were gaming rooms in the back of nearly every saloon in Buffalo.

At one time they had professional gamblers to “run” the various games that included poker.

It was about 1939 when one of those poker games was going on in the back of the Occidental Saloon one night, when something a little out of the ordinary took place.

We are told some serious betting got underway in a “table stakes” game of seven card stud.

One of the players looked like he had the strongest hand in the game with a big flush. With just one other player left in the game, the last bet was more than he could handle.

“I can’t cover that,” he complained, “but I have a good looking bison head upstairs in my room and will put that up to cover the bet.”

His opponent said he wanted to see how good the taxidermy job was before he agreed.

The game stopped while the buffalo head was brought down to the bar.

It passed the test, and they turned the cards over.

The winning hand had three jacks in the down cards and a pair showing to make a full house. That won the hand and ownership of the buffalo head changed.

Now the Bench Sitters are not certain just how that stuffed head circulated around the county over the many years since that evening in the Occidental, but this same Buffalo head mysteriously turned up on the wall of the Mayor’s office at City Hall this past week.

Our spies won’t tell us how it got there over the weekend, but there are a number of people who do have access to City Hall. As a result there are numerous suspects.

We doubt the buffalo was shot in this county, but it does seem appropriate for that old critter to grace the walls of the Mayor’s office in a city called “Buffalo.”

And just maybe this will be a permanent home for it.

It’s a refreshing change from presidential politics and news about the new virus that’s going around the world.

Everyone keeps saying it’s a good idea to wash your hands a lot and don’t touch your face.

Best line at the coffee club this week was ... “I’m washing my hands every chance I get, but my wife told me that no matter how good the soap is in the restroom ... I need to stop coming out smelling my hands.”

Be good, stay healthy and get ready to pay your taxes next month.


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