The Bench Sitters, who are football nuts, are pretty excited over the prospects for the Buffalo Bison winning another state title this year. We know they have some playoff games and will probably meet Mountain View in the championship if they get there … but these old guys predict a repeat.

And if you watched the UW Cowboys handle Nevada on TV last Saturday, it appears the Pokes may get an invitation to a decent bowl game this year.

Of course the Denver Broncos managed to end a two-game winning streak with two defeats last week. Do you suppose John Elway wonders why he didn’t draft Josh Allen (former UW star who is making things happen for the Buffalo Bills.)

Ah … you win a few, and then there’s Denver.

Meanwhile, back down on the Main Drag, one of our local philosophers made an excellent observation about the weather this week when he said  … “At least people have stopped talking about ‘what a wonderful fall’ we have been having.”

This is the time of year when you remember you didn’t get around to replacing the insulation around the back door or staining the deck.

We’ve decided one of the reasons people don’t spend much time in conversations with their friends and neighbors anymore is because of technology.

About the time you make a statement on any issue, the other guy will pull out his cellphone, check the internet and prove you were wrong.

Now Google says they have made a quantum leap in computer speed as we zoom toward “artificial intelligence.”

Wish they had called … we could have given a list of names under that heading.

Everyone knows “acrophobia” is the fear of heights and “claustrophobia” is the fear of closed-in-spaces.

There is a whole list of “phobias” and the Bench Sitters want to add a couple of new ones.

Like “technophobia” … fear of butt-dialing a friend so they can listen in while you are blowing off steam over some really stupid issue. Now little devices that sit on your kitchen counter will answer questions for you, play whatever song you request and probably record everything you say anytime you are in the kitchen.

Or “blockaphobia” … when you suddenly realize you have watched one cable news channel too long, read a steady diet of BS on the internet and have grown into a genuine blockhead not capable of absorbing any information or thoughts that don’t agree with your current opinion.

Or “medicalaphobia” … when you are developing new diseases and health conditions at the rate of two or three a day because you have watched TV advertisements for some new and expensive drugs that will cure the condition … (and possibly have side effects including diarrhea, headaches, stroke, suicidal thoughts and warts).

It was good to see Dianne Urruty honored at the CASA breakfast last week. She’s been helping a lot of kids kick-start their way to the public school system for years. A gal with a lot of dedication to helping kids.

And coming up soon will be the annual Boys & Girls Club breakfast. This year the honoree will be Peggy Drury. She quietly does so very much for youth in our community and has been setting an example for all of us.

And we have to give a shout to Colin Kaltenbach, one of Johnson County’s favorite sons, who studied agriculture at UW many years back. Ended up with a doctorate and taught at the college level for years.

Collin used to share Sven’s column with people like Gene Sander, dean of the Ag College at the University of Arizona and a past president of that school.

A while back Collin took a nasty fall at his home in Laramie and has amazed a lot of doctors with the progress he is making toward recovery. He’s in a rehab facility in Denver and his friends and family from Buffalo send him their best.

You have a good week while we worry about progress.


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