The weather looks good for a high school football scrimmage against Worland this weekend. It should be perfect weather for the fans and players alike.

If you have had a reason to travel over the mountain recently you were likely to spot climbers hanging off the walls of some of the cliffs on the north side of Ten Sleep Canyon.

The popularity of this climbing spot has grown a lot over the past few years, to the point the Forest Service is now trying to control it a bit.

Understand there were dozens of “routes” up the cliffs, and some of the “non-purist” climbers had been enhancing the routes by fixing better finger and toe holds.

And the concentration of camping in the limited space between the highway and the rocks was getting Forest Service attention as well.


For a long time Sven has been aware white-tailed deer have a real appetite for lettuce and once the beans bloom they must taste like candy. They also like to harvest flowers and beet tops.

This is the first year we learned how much they like squash and will eat tomatoes even before they are ripe.

But, even a white-tailed deer has some limits. They might bite a zucchini, but they darn well won’t eat one.


We are hearing more about grasshopper problems from local ranchers in the past week or two, and you only have to look at the front bumpers and radiators of pickups to see it is definitely a “grasshopper year.”

If you haven’t tried to fill a tobacco can with grasshoppers for a fishing trip, you have never had a dexterity test so difficult. Two climb out when you try to add one more to the supply. The ones that escape are “educated” and a lot more difficult to catch the second time.


One of the Bench Sitters tells us he decided to go to Mexico for a vacation this coming winter. He’s never had a passport, so he applied for one. But it’s been a bit of a challenge, and we think he was losing his temper the other morning when he started ranting about it. He talked for five minutes without taking a breath and it went something like this . . .

“I can’t believe how a dozen robo-callers have my address and telephone number, know my age, hobbies and when I last bought a car or a new mattress for the bed, but the federal government is asking for proof of my birth date.

Heck, it’s on my driver’s license, my Social Security card and the income tax forms I’ve had to file for the last 40 years.

They sent this application to my house, and then they ask me what my address might be. I clipped the address from their envelope and sent it back to them.

Can’t help but wonder why they wonder if I plan on visiting a farm in the 15 days before we take a trip. If I ever got the urge to do something weird on a farm I would damn well not want to tell anyone.

While I’m spending some cash to get a copy of my birth certificate I didn’t get upset until I learned I had to pay to get a certain sized photo of myself, and that I was not allowed to smile when it was taken.

When they told me I should get someone important to verify that it was really me in the photo, I decided to ask my proctologist in Billings . . . he’s from India.


And finally this week the Bench Sitters are passing a few random “short stories” along in hopes they will make you smile.

A little boy went up to his father and asked: “Dad, where did my intelligence come from?” The father replied, “Well, son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine.”

A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the emergency room took the husband aside, and said, “I don’t like the looks of your wife at all.” “Me neither doc,” said the husband. “But she’s a great cook and really good with the kids.”    

The graveside service just barely finished, when there was massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance... The little old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, “Well, she’s there.”

We hope you have a great week and get some of those “summer chores” done. The night-time temperatures are slipping into the 40s now.


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