The arrival of a new year often brings feelings of nostalgia. We contemplate what has happened over the past year and ultimately craft resolutions to make the next year the best yet. In that vein, we at the Buffalo Bulletin would like to make some resolutions of our own to better serve our readers and the community of Johnson County. 

Over the past year, we’ve made mistakes. From the spelling of names to incorrect dates, many of those errors were inexcusable. While we deal with hundreds of names, we know that when a name is spelled incorrectly, the entire story is wrong. 

We also know that the Buffalo Bulletin should be an accurate reflection of the community we serve and that our job is not only reporting the news of the week but also documenting the history of the area. When stories are incorrect, historical records are inaccurate. 

This year, we resolve to do better. 

We know that we can’t be perfect, but we can be impartial and we can strive for perfection. We can reflect the character of the community. We can act as a repository for critical thinking, and we can act as a voice for community members. 

We can also give community members a platform to discuss ideas and learn about key issues. We can strive to be as accurate as we can be and improve with every edition. 

In the coming year, we resolve to be the people’s watchdog for government. 

We resolve to be more open to criticism. 

We resolve to be more accurate and more engaged with the public.

We resolve to place an emphasis on news our community values over the news that we alone feel is important. 

While it’s important for a newspaper to cover news that’s sometimes unpleasant, we shouldn’t do so at the expense of positive, hometown news that celebrates the triumphs of our friends and neighbors.  

We resolve to discover ways to eliminate errors, like fact-checking with sources prior to publication and continuing to send staff to newspaper educational opportunities throughout the next year and beyond.  

You’ll notice that we haven’t resolved to be perfect. We are human, and we will continue to make mistakes. But we are going to work very hard to make fewer of those mistakes. 

You will also notice we haven’t resolved to be great, because while it’s OK to strive for greatness, once you think you’ve reached that point, you stop learning. You stop growing, and we’re not interested in that. There are lots of problems that come with thinking you are great. 

But we do resolve to be the best paper we can be, each and every week. In order achieve this, we need to ask you, our readers, a favor. Tell us when we do things right, but more important, point out when we’ve strayed. 

Thanks and Happy New Year.


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