The Bench Sitters plead guilty to worrying about a winter being too mild and how it can bring on a summer drought.

This past week we got over that problem.

Had a visit with Mike “Bubba” Harriet last weekend and he said he has learned it isn’t necessary to show up at every early morning coffee session to keep up on the latest local news.

“It’s like those soap operas on television,” he says. “You can miss a few days and never know the difference.”

Last week the crew was kidding Dan Rogers over a side-by-side adventure in Jackson Hole.

When they got back to the parking lot with the unit that had been fitted with tracks . . . the transmission went out before they could load it on a trailer.

As Dan was mumbling and grumbling about the mechanical failure while pulling the unit over Towgwotee Pass he felt the trailer give a little jerk.

The side-by-side had come off the trailer at 50 mph and was headed into the snow-filled ditch.

Perhaps all that snow was a good thing. No damage.

But the coffee club says the worst was yet to come when Dan took it back to the dealership with full intention of giving them a good lecture on the lack of quality of their product.

But then he learned the oil drains both the motor and transmission when it is serviced. The manual makes the point they both have to be refilled separately . . . Of course the coffee group was very sympathetic with kind, helpful and reassuring comments from members like J.P. Francis, T.J. Tavegie, Dan Myers and the Gripp Brothers.

Meanwhile, at the feed store this week there was a local longtime bachelor who was getting a lot of suggestions about giving one of those internet dating services a try.

“Might cost you as much as a case of Coors, but what do you have to lose,” they told him.

Then he started getting advice about how to understand what prospective lady friends might be saying on this dating site.

What they write and what they mean might include –

40-ish – 49

Adventurous – Looking for anyone still alive

Athletic – May have the body of a man

Average looking – Ugly

Contagious smile – Her doctor prescribed mood changers

Feminist – Will be in charge of any relationship

Free spirit – Should be on medication

Friendship first – You might as well date your sister

Fun loving - Annoying

Open-minded – Desperate

Outgoing – Loud and often embarrassing

Professional – Dominator

Voluptuous – On the heavy side

Large frame – Even heavier

Seeks soul mate – Stalker

Loves the outdoors – Doesn’t own deodorant

Likes long walks – Lost driver’s license

Long-term relationship – The trap is set

Hope you all have a great week and don’t need to advertise for friends.


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