Dear Editor,

On last week’s opinion page there was an editorial and a letter to the editor that addressed Rep. Liz Cheney’s recently introduced bill concerning the future management of lands within Wyoming that are currently designated as wilderness study areas.

The editorial complained that Cheney was not being responsive to the paper’s inquiries concerning how the bill would affect lands within Johnson County, including the Rock Creek acreage. The letter to the editor complained that Cheney’s bill was prepared without the benefit of a local input process, which would let our representative know how her constituents feel about thousands of acres across the state being removed from their wilderness study status. 

This situation is not unique. Our representative, and in fact our entire Congressional delegation, can and often do ignore the questions and the desires of their constituents. They refuse to hold town hall meetings or any other meaningful sessions of give and take. Their offices respond to inquiries either with a form letter that goes out to hundreds or as this paper has experienced, not at all.

And they will continue to do that as long as people continue to vote for them based upon party affiliation. In this last election, Cheney received 64 percent of the vote. And two years from now, she will probably gain receive at least 64 percent of the vote, regardless of what she does or what she says or how she votes between now and then, and she knows that.

She and our two senators know that their jobs are secure because in the next election their names will be followed by an “R” on the ballot. So long as we continue to vote for our elected officials based strictly upon party affiliation instead of upon policies and positions, our representatives will continue to do what they want while thumbing their noses at those who put them into office.

Gary Scott


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