Dear Editor,

While reading the April 4 Bulletin article about the proposed four-day schedule, I was struck by how much of the article referenced Kaycee’s experience with the change in the school week. No hard data was provided supporting the benefits of a four-day week in Kaycee unless, “I know students, parents, and teachers all really like the four-day week,” attendance jumping, and “the school continues to see benefits from the four-day week” constitutes hard data. Further, I suspect “all” and “jumped” are both loosely used terms intended to convey general satisfaction with the status quo rather than to serve as accurate descriptors.

Board member Mary McCorkle identified a key issue – Buffalo schools don’t operate the same as Kaycee schools do. Size makes a difference. A high school with an enrollment of 28 students, 20 of them participating in basketball, and two staff members coaching doesn’t have the same academic profile on game days as does Buffalo High School.  

For the very small schools in Wyoming, four-day weeks may provide the best balance between academics and extracurricular activities.  

However, I don’t believe the academic program of a school with approximately 325 students and 30 teachers is going to experience a comparable impact on game days.  Definitely not enough of one to oblige the school district to look at adopting a four-day school week.

Frank Pratt


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