Dear Editor,

I would like to share my thoughts and opinions regarding the four-day school week that is currently being discussed

First and foremost should be, will this be of a benefit to the students? Not being an educator my thought is no, it would not be. Possibly in the upper grades, but in kindergarten through sixth-grade or so the attention span of a student would wane after the current time spent in class. So what is the benefit to the student and efforts by the teachers to have students either sitting in their seats with blank stares on their faces or in kindergarten trying to control them for a longer period of time?

Second, in other places I lived in my career I found that single parents and families are able to limit their childcare expense when their children are in school and only have to pay child care expenses from the time school ends until a parent is able to pick them up from childcare. What hardships will this entail if parents are required to add an extra full day of childcare to their expenses? What happens to the children whose parent would be unable to afford that extra day of childcare? Would the child just stay home alone or possibly have an older sibling taking care of them? When I say sibling, I am saying an older child being 8 or 9 looking after the younger child of kindergarten age or first grade.

Third, my point is if this is an attempt to reduce the cost of school in Buffalo, what measures will be implemented to achieve the desired, meaningful goal? I would wager salaried employees from school administrators on down would not be affected by a four-day week. However, any hourly employees of the school system, including school bus drivers, maintenance staff, food preparation personnel and others would be taking a 20% cut in pay. Most of these employees cannot afford a 20% reduction in pay. If they have to sacrifice this type of pay cut, it should be across the board for everyone.

Bill Charles


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