Dear Editor,

I agree with a large part of what Crosby Taylor wrote in the letter published Aug. 6. I do however believe he is singling out a certain part of the population while remaining silent about a part of the populace that has benefitted greatly from government assistance.

A few of the USDA programs for agriculture: Insurance (by one estimate, the USDA pays 62% of premiums on average,), Agriculture Risk Coverage Program, Price Loss Coverage Program, Conservations Programs, Disaster Aid, Marketing and Export Promotion, Research and Development Programs. A large share of agricultural subsidies have become a part of the mandatory federal budget meaning they fall outside of Congressional oversight. 

In 2017, the federal government spent an estimated $11.5 billion on ag subsidies and this year more than $32 billion to date with how much more to come. The thought that it is the responsibility of taxpayers to care of seniors or any other group and that they are entitled to this care is counter to the principles this country and state were founded on. As a taxpayer, I believe, the discontinuance of agricultural subsidies would be a step toward what Crosby Taylor was pointing out. Agriculture would find its own way without taxpayer support just as seniors would be doing in a scenario where the government stays out of making decisions for the individual groups of people.

Frank Pratt Jr. 


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