Dear Editor,

Wyoming working families, the bedrock of the state, could use some help from the state of Wyoming Legislature to help them survive and thrive. 
A livable wage would enable families to have housing and food security and a sense of dignity and autonomy. Affordable, available health care is desperately needed and would prevent many worse health crises. The open space and clean air and clean water may be why some working families remain in Wyoming.
The Legislature seems to be operating with a different play book in which these Wyoming working families are a rabble that needs to be contained, controlled and protected from themselves.
Even though food insecurity is rampant, a food tax is being considered.

Instead of offering medical care, the new governor is proud to announce he is against expanded Medicaid, and new rules and laws blatantly against women and their bodies are being considered. Further legislation considered will penalize and jail people who might protest if a threat is made against our water and air.

Instead of making it easier for working people to register and vote, it seems we must guard them against themselves by passing laws guarding against them making the wrong choice. What happened to the idea that these legislators are elected to work hard on solving problems and working for the welfare of the people of the state?

Joanna Taylor


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