Dear Editor,

These are never-before-seen times we are existing in these days. Difficult. Stressful. Anxiety-laden. Worrisome. And along comes the term “social distancing.” Really, in my opinion, it would be more accurately described as “physical distancing” reflecting our need to be 6 feet apart from each other as one precaution to limit the spread of the COVID19 virus. 

And still, the power of connection is being seen, heard and felt in so many new and lovely ways. Cruising Main Street; lights on a scoreboard; the wave from a city employee on the garbage truck; a young girl serenading us with her mandolin as we walked our dog on Carrington. Friends Feeding Friends. People helping people. Donations to local non-profit agencies serving the young and old, individuals and families. Buying local to support our small business owners and employees. There are so many more examples of how our community comes together to support, to help, to fill the gap, to do what’s good, noble and right. 

We can all reach out: check-in; call on the neighbor we have not seen for a couple days; make a lovely connection – it could make all the difference. 

My heart goes out to those feeling not just “distanced,” but isolated and alone. You matter. There are people and resources ready, willing and able to help – no matter what your situation or concern might be.

Leaders in our county’s Emergency Operations Command Center have done excellent work in organizing and listing these resources on the county’s website:

You are not alone. There is help. There is hope. Need a connection? I am happy to help.

Bill Hawley


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