Dear Editor, 

“Science commits suicide when it adopts a Creed.” So stated Thomas Huxley, the renowned 19th scientist. A segment of climate scientists has adopted the Catastrophic Climate Change Creed. They are funded mainly by the United Nations along with United States and European governments through research grants that exceed $1.7 billion annually. One independent scientist warns that these researchers, government entities and their money constitute a self-perpetuating “climate industrial complex.” They are not reporting the full history of the Earth’s continuous climate change. Here is what I learned by reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica, geology books and climate change books at the Sheridan and Buffalo libraries.

The Earth’s climate changes constantly. Geology teaches that the Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago, and there was then no atmosphere. As the planet cooled, oceans formed and the primitive atmosphere was dominated by nitrogen and carbon dioxide and had very little oxygen. Life began about 3.0 billionyears ago and eventually developed photosynthesis that produced abundant Oxygen.

Carbon dioxide was once as high as 17% of the atmosphere, but is now 0.04%. Most of it has been deposited into sedimentary rocks through the “carbon cycle,” the interaction of the atmosphere with the oceans, living things, and rock chemistry. Climate change is influenced by hundreds of other complex and interrelated processes, including but not limited to: the sun’s radiance over time, continental drift, and the Earth’s orbital geometry about the sun. All of these natural processes have worked together over the last 3 billion years to provide conditions for life to expand, diversify, and adapt to changes in climate. The hand of God is upon the good, good Earth, all life and humanity. 

This is not to say that there have not been catastrophic climate change events and mass extinctions of life forms. For example, a couple hundred million years ago, before the dinosaurs went extinct, there was a more massive extinction event that wiped out over 95% of all ocean and land life forms! There have been other such extinction events over time.

Prior to just 12,000 years ago, massive ice sheets covered Canada, northern Europe, and north Asia. 30% of the land was covered by ice sheets up to two miles thick. The former ocean level was 350 – 500 feet below what it is today and was placed at today’s outer continental shelf. By 12,000 years ago, these ice sheets melted, suddenly. Now the remaining glaciers cover 10% of the land mass of Earth. If the remaining glaciers melt, the oceans will rise another 150 – 200 feet. These glacial episodes have occurred like clockwork each 90,000 years over the past 3.5 million years. During these glacial oscillations, temperatures were alternately much higher and lower than today’s. Previous ice ages have occurred when carbon dioxide concentrations were higher than today! Most of Earth’s geological history has been completely glacier free.

Why don’t most (not all) politicians the media, and climate scientists reveal the whole spectrum of climate history? Can humanity hold the Earth’s climate static? Thomas Jefferson reckoned, “Knowledge is power; knowledge is safety; knowledge is happiness.” Step off the internet -- go to the Sheridan or Buffalo library, and let the wealth of knowledge in books inform your mind as a voter. 

Daniel Stewart


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